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04-06-2011, 01:50 PM
Hello there fellow audiophiles!

I'd like to hear from anyone who has personal experience with the GenevaSound Labs docking station for Ipods.

Based on my own research, I have found online reviews of the GenevaSound Labs M model and L model generally favorable with both of them receiviing high marks for sound quality and design. However, reviewers are nearly unanimous in balking at the high price tag. Reviewers are right to emphasize that without the integrated CD player, the GenevaSound Labs units are little more than glorified speakers for your iPod.

Though the price is on the high-end for what appears to be a stylish docking station, I think it can be explained, if not justified, by the superior sound quality, hardwood shell, and clean, sleek design which avoids the mess of tangled wires and connections.

What concerns me, though, is the company's decision to do away with the built-in CD player on the small, and medium models for the current year 2011. Without the CD player, I'd have to agree with those who think the $699 price tag for the medium sized model is outrageous.

Here are my questions.

[1] Does anyone know why Geneva decided to do away with the CD player?

One review by a Geneva owner complained that the CD player jammed when he placed a second CD in the slot, having forgotten that another CD was already inside. He thought the fix was simple and that he could make the repair himself but the company, understandably, insisted that he send the unit to its repair center where qualified technicians could make the fix..

A different reviewer complained that a few months after buying his unit, the CD player began to buzz and whir whenever anyone walked by it. It seems the vibrations from walking nearby rattled the unit and by extension the integrated CD player. The company advised this reviewer to send it in for a checkup and possible repair.

What these problems suggest to me is that GenevaLabs may be having problems with the intgegrated CD player and that this may be the reason why they stopped offering this feature on its latest models. Of course this is conjecture, but does anyone know if I'm right?

{2] Does anyone know if GenevaSound Labs is planning to phase out the CD player feature permanently?

[3] For those of you with a Geneva model with the integrated CD player, how durable is it? Is the drive quiet or noisy? Do you think it will continue to work long beyond the warranty's expiration date?

[4] How does the sound quality compare to Bose Sound Dock or other models, such as the B&W Zeppelin, in its class?

When I talk about sound quality I am not just talking about clarity, but also loudness. Many reviewers talk about great clarity with the Geneva, but it is unclear to me if the speakers are loud. Does the sound simply fill the room, or does it have the potential to shake the walls and disturb the neighbors? (I live in a 1BR apartment)

[5] If you had to return the model for repair or exchange, what was the experience like? What was the turnaround time? Are company representatives friendly, knowledgeable and helpful? Has anyone had to make a repair that was covered by warranty? What was that experience like?

[6] What is your general experience with your GenevaSound model?

Thanks in advance to those of you who have taken the time to read my questions and my gratitude to anyone who can shed some light on the GenevaSound Lab models. Your thoughts, feedback and advice, will help me to make an informed purchasing decision.