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03-08-2011, 07:48 PM
or, a nod to the genius of Robert Wyatt.
I know a few here are fans...I don't know his whole catalog but love his contributions to Soft Machine - incredible drummer and the times he offered his voice were highlights, as well as what I know of his long solo career. Domino just reissued most of his stuff on cd and vinyl. Here's ( a nice short breakdown/description of each album.
If you like him but haven't given his last one, Comicopera, a chance - gorgeous! I haven't picked up any of the new vinyl reissues yet...anyone? Don't know what they did to the sound, if anything, but his cd's always sound great & Comicopera I have on vinyl and it sounds good - some pops and 'vinyl' hiss (ie. not totally black like some rare vinyl pulls off, but it's not compressed and is warm and full...)
Anyways, he is truly a master of his craft, and, he plays for the animals...