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04-11-2004, 03:30 PM
I would like to know the port plays in the production of sound from the speaker
i know it makes a little bit loud sound at the tuned frq but does it make it boomy?

if a speakers starts falling from 100hz-90hz below goes like 5db down to about 50HZ
is it wise to tune a port at 50-60HZ area to have some what 2-3db increase in that area, which in turn makes a speaker have a relatively flater response. does this decreases sound quality, does it make bass sound muddy and boomy?

i know many of the speakers around are ported and they do not sound muddy at all but is 50-60hz area to high to tune port to?

secondly many ppl advice to take of bass frqs off the mids so they can sound much more detailed and open, what frqs the gurus talking abt, below 100hz, below 50hz???
many ppl suggest such systems : sub for base and low base , and main-mid/woofers for midbase and deep male vocals, what frqs range these lie in?

below 80hz mostly base is non-directional to its ideal to set a sub below that level, does 80hz carry deep male vocals??