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02-25-2011, 01:03 PM
In honor of the 50229895th blizzard of this winter, I thought I'd spin the comp Snowdrift by Mr. Slosh. 2004 was a good year. Lots of nice stuff on here. It's on a plastic music disc read by lasers if you can believe that..

How about that Arcade Fire huh? Man were we ever ahead of the 8-ball on those kanuks..

02-25-2011, 03:56 PM
I neither confirm nor deny that this was my doing. I have absolutely no recollection of this comp.

I've gotten to the point where I don't even bother with CDRs any more. Make up a playlist, throw it on the iPod. The iPod connects to my car stereo and I keep cords in the glove compartment to hook up the iPod to friends' stereos or computers.

Remember back in the day when we didn't carry along tens of thousands of songs with us everywhere we go? Progress is awesome! :D

Man, I'm going through some serious HEMI withdrawal. I hate f<a>ucking winter. Haven't driven my Challenger since x-mas day. Rain finally washed away the salt and brine around here so maybe tomorrow I'll be able to rip it up :)

02-25-2011, 06:30 PM