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02-16-2011, 06:01 PM
I picked up this remote (OneForAll OARP05S) at local store for $10 and this thing rock. It have all the codes except the kitchen sink and best part of is that it is a learning remote. It can replace five remotes for TV, DVR, Cable/satellite/convertor box, DVD and Audio Amp component.

I have Apex digital convertor box and once entered the code in the universal remote, it pretty much have all the original remote functions including obsecure bottons such as aspect ratio and audio options.

And if some of original remote functions did not carry over to universal, you can use the learning option to tranfer from original to universal remote. It also have an option call Global Volume where you can lock in volume bottons to TV or cable box only no matter what mode the remote is in.

And the best part is that it have a strong IR. My DVD player remote suck where I have to point it exactly at DVD player to work, the univeral remote will work at any angle even aiming at the wall.

Highly recommended.