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02-05-2011, 07:11 PM
I've got some Biggie Smalls to jam out on some Dynaudio Focus 220 speakers, but one tweeter is shattered. Now my Biggie don't sound good! Anyone have any suggestions on a replacement? I've got this KLH tweeter that looks good, but I want an original.

Also what do you think about matching them up with a pair of Klipsch speakers?

What Klipsch speakers do you think could compete?

Which models do you think would be a good match?

The preamp and amplifiers are Parasound. One amp is the A23 and most likely to power a chosen pair of Klipsch. You may be brutal, but please help Biggie!

PS I'm just kidding about Biggie; I'm really into Big Black


harley .guy07
02-05-2011, 09:29 PM
Well your Dynaudio speakers are an excellent pair of quality speakers and I definitely would not pair a KLH tweeter with them, they are specially designed with the drivers and crossovers being designed for the exact driver that came out stock on these speakers. Being a Dynaudio owner I will say with full confidence that a KLH tweeter will not go well with these speakers. I would get with Dynaudio customer support to see if you can get a replacement. As far a pairing them up with a pair a Klipsch speakers the main problem you will have is that Dynaudio's are around 87 db effiecent or somewhere around there and Klipsch are about 10 db or above them in efficiency so in real to life terms the Klipsch speakers will be way louder per watt input, not a good match in my opinion. The Dynaudio's will be way more natural sounding in my opinion and give you a better soundstage and image but the Klipsch speakers will be brighter and more livelier with less power. Its based off what you want your sound to be like. My audience 60 Dynaudios are small towers with a 61/2" woofer but deliver bass way beyond their size due to the fact that the magnet structure and the voice coil being 3" which is huge for a driver so small they deliver bass that is great for their small size and it is detailed. I am not a fan of mixing main or front speakers simply because it throws everything each speaker is doing off and the hole soundstage is smeared and imaging is not right besides the fact the sound levels will not be right. My opinion is go one direction or the other and stay that way and if that takes fixing the Dynaudio then do it because they some great speakers that with a clean preamp and good power will surprise you with how good they really are.

Mr Peabody
02-05-2011, 09:31 PM
If you blew any Dynaudio driver they were under powered. You need to learn to listen for clipping, when the music begins not to sound clear. The only replacement would be the direct Dynaudio tweeter. Most any dealer should be able to help you. A Parasound Halo should drive the Dyn's nicely.

First, Klipsch is a very different sound from Dynaudio especially the Focus series. The Klipsch would play louder with the same input power but the Klipsch will not hold together with loud volume like the Dyn's. The Klipsch will not have that deep bass sound as the Dyn's and be brighter. If you have the room and cash I'd buy a pair of Cornwall III or less space and money the new Reference line is pretty good. If you found a used set of Forte they are very nice sounding for Klipsch probably the best balanced model I've heard from them, a sealed enclosure with a 12" 3-way with 12" passive radiator which IMO provides one of the better Klipsch bass responses. I'd suggest listening to some Klipsch before buying the horn sound isn't for every one. You may want to also take a look and listen to some Cerwin Vega, the CLS received good comments but I forgot what line replaced it. The 215 would make Biggie smile with two 15's per cabinet. You strap those to a Halo and Biggie will go subsonic :)

Mr Peabody
02-05-2011, 09:35 PM
I guess I should have paid attention before posting I now see you have Vega's and small Klipsch.

02-06-2011, 07:30 AM
:3: I'm thinking the Klipsch will fill in for the time being till the tweeter can be replaced in the Dynaudio. It was smashed during a move and belongs to my grandparents neighbor.

I was so close in buying a sweet pair of Klipsch KSF 10.5 towers for 150 dollars, but was kneed in the balls right before the finish line. I felt those a good match or maybe stand in speakers for her. Plus she is interested in getting a pair of Klipsch speakers in general.

I really want to find her a deal on that tweeter and install it for her. I want to see what her fine system can do. She has something like 800 classical CD's and this Cambridge player that is beyond cool.

As far as a pair of Cornwall's, those would be for me! Maybe some KLF series and I use my pair as rear channel surrounds. They just found their way there and are hard to replace. They are perfect for rears in my system, but maybe some day down the line I'll do a 2-channel system with either or.

Thanks guys

Mr Peabody
02-06-2011, 01:29 PM
If she is into Classical the Focus 220's are the deal. I wonder why she'd be interested in Klipsch. I like some of the Klipsch models but they are not nearly as refined as the Dynaudio.

02-06-2011, 03:33 PM
For the price of those Dynaudio towers I better be sexually gratified. The tweeter alone is a Indiana Jones adventure and the price looks to be around 150 to 225 dollars. So I'm really hoping for the best.

I see your rocking a few pairs yourself. They must be something special to have commit to buy and wickedly power them. This will be my first experience with them after the tweeter is replaced. She also was close to selling them and wants to sell her A23 amp to help repair her speakers.

I need to help her cheaply so she can keep everything. Its nice having an audiophile next to my grandparents. Plus the music she has...

Mr Peabody
02-06-2011, 05:39 PM
She should keep the A23 unless she has another powerful amp. It wouldn't do much good to fix the Focus and not have anything capable of driving them.

I originally drove mine with a Krell 500i. The Conrad Johnson do alright but the Dyn's seem to have better synergy with solid state high current amps.

02-06-2011, 05:57 PM
She has a matching larger Parasound amplifier; I'm not sure the model, a Parasound stereo preamp, and a Cambridge CD player:arf:.

Do people go from one amp with a pair of speaker to another amp and a different pair of speakers?

I would and do given the chance, plus selling the stuff. Never from my primary HT, but with new amps, new speakers, new cables, and all the goodies I come into contact with. It seems they do it in audio shows, but would you say people do that?

Mr Peabody
02-06-2011, 06:09 PM
Typically in a home 2-channel set up it is better to only use one set of good speakers. If they were identical speakers and they were stacked you may be able to get it to work correctly. Multiple speakers, especially if you mix brands, usually create larger frequency peaks and valleys in your room, not to mention imaging problems. Instead, of seeing how much gear you can put into a room I'd say spend the money on better gear to begin with. One powerful amp with the right speakers should create enough sound pressure for you. If not, add a good subwoofer.

Some people biamp if a speaker has the input terminals to allow that. This is when you use one amp for the bass and another for the mids/highs.

02-06-2011, 08:57 PM
That's what I have done with my stereo. The receiver powers the mids and tweets while the amp powers the woofers. I can't really do it right now, because I've been waiting on another pair of woofers. Now I need to mod my AT-15's.

I'm looking to add my Pioneer SX-31 to my computer and power two pairs of speakers. My Dali 3b's and my Snell Kii's. I have no idea if it will become anything, but its what I have currently.

I'll be finishing some DB Plus 990 speakers here soon. I just got done with some Gale GS 401 speakers which are crazy cool now. And something else I'm drawing a blank on!!

Looking for some TAD speakers for my computer stereo 2-channel thingamajigam..