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02-03-2011, 05:25 PM
We're looking to use a few Sonos ZP120 units in our new home and would like to match them with good, if not necessarily high-end, in-ceiling speakers. Each person with whom I have spoken has had a different recommendation (e.g., Polk MC60, SpeakerCraft AIM5 Three, B&W ccm618, and Klipsch cdt-2650-c). I have been unable to find any useful reviews/comparisons of any of these speakers (perhaps because they are at the low end of the spectrum), but I would like to get the best we can out of our limited budget (up to $250 per speaker). Any suggestions for in-ceiling speakers--especially if it is choosing one of the mentioned models over the others--would be sincerely appreciated.

02-03-2011, 09:36 PM
Hands down its a coin toss between the Klipsch and the B&W. Anything rated higher is all price and no gain. Let the best deal on the two make the decision.
I've had a chance to hear a couple pairs of Klipsch in-walls and have had raves from customers who have bought them.
All in all you are cutting out the "high-end" when you take out the structure of speaker cabinets. B&W drivers are especially fine enough to provide superior sound through out your home as in-walls.
I'm also sure you can do much better then $250 per speaker on either brand. Last thing you want to do is pay full price on this crap!