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04-10-2004, 08:26 PM
Please feel free to take this with however many grains of salt as you wish, but had I not read some reviews of the Cambridge Soundworks Newton M80's from other postings I would not have known how superb they are. There is not one word of embellishment in what follows, and I hope my .02 helps you to come to an intelligent decision.

Since 1996 I have owned a pair of Snell C-V speakers. These behemoths were at the time considered to be among the best available in the <$5,000 price range and often made Stereophile's 'Recommended Components List'. Hand made, they are truly awesome. I paid, if I recall, just under $2,600.00 for the pair. (I've much invested in Audiophile quality gear; thousands of dollars. Many thousands of dollars...just ask my wife - grin).

In any event, this evening I spent 30 minutes listening to the Newton M-80's and was completely shocked at what I heard.

LET ME MAKE THIS PATENTLY AND UNEQUOVICALLY CRYSTAL CLEAR: these <$400.00 speakers were in my opinion indistinguishable from the Snell's...which were nearly SEVEN TIMES the price.

And bear in mind these were made before Snell was acquired and their quality began to slip away. I.e., when 'Snell' was 'Snell'. Further bear in mind that had I been able to perform a 'double-blind' test I assure you that I would NOT have been able to determine which were the Snell's - speakers I have listened to for eight years - or the Newton M80's.

If you're looking for an outstanding pair of speakers without dropping one to two thousand dollars - or more - , do yourself a favor and listen to these. They're incredible. And yes, I bought a pair. Furthermore, I'll be buying a second pair on Monday before someone in Marketing at CS decides, for whatever reasons, to cease production. In short, I want a spare pair; I truly believe they are that good.


N. Abstentia
04-11-2004, 04:06 AM
Wow, an infomercial. Thanks for that.

04-11-2004, 04:27 AM
>Wow, an infomercial.

LOL! Thanks for the laugh!

Really, I am very serious about what I wrote; I am totally blown-away by these $400 speakers when compared to the Snell C-V's. Had the M80's been around eight years ago I could have saved $2,200.00 :)

I can only chalk it up to the changes in technology over the previous eight years. If interested, check the specs on the Snell's and you'll see why I'm as shocked as I am. This information is available at:

Also, I am very detail oriented - to a fault - when it comes to setting Loudspeakers up. I.e., I'll use the various CD's from Stereophile ( to ensure proper phasing, et al.

Nor am I one to endorse products to the extent that I have these M80's. I am really shocked at the quality. Patently excellent. :)