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01-12-2011, 02:32 PM
Hello All -

I'm creating a 'how-to' guide for beginners and intermediates. I'd love to get some writings in from the vast knowledge on the forums.

What I am looking for:

::3 categories to write under::

- System Set Up ( this covers - stereo & home theater & sub & gear racks & cable placement - basically all things physical - what to listen for for a well set up system)

- Analog & Digital (this covers - why is digital better - why is analog better - how to find a good CDP - how to find a good analog system - DAC chips and how they are designed and implemented - Home Media Servers - File Formats) (yes pix - if you write in coherent and none ranting article on why digital and SS is better I will put it in this - i'm serious - i want all sides represented with the best of opinions)

- Your Listening Space (this covers - room tweaks - DYI room treatments - how room treatment works - and digital room correction articles)

There are no length requirements - nor does it have to be something new - if you know of something from yourself or a user that was posted in a forum thread a while back - show me. Writers will get credit for content. I would just like as clear a write up as you can manage and as complete a write up as you can think of. If that means a complete tweak takes you two paragraphs to explain - fine - or 7 pages - no problem.

All articles and suggestion will have links suggesting reader to further questions to be answered on the forums (forum promotion).

If you have something you'd like to contribute or have something you think I should look at - please email me at

Thanks for your help.

01-12-2011, 02:38 PM
This is for an index and article I'm starting/started - you can see it here:

If you have a suggested component - something new - something someone can buy new or just recently gone off the market - please write up a short little paragraph about what makes the component/speaker worth it. I will add it to the categories there.

I plan to expand the categories as well - DAC - CDP - PhoneAmps - Rack/Stands/Treatmen


If you have questions - email or PM me.