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04-10-2004, 06:35 PM
Just finishing up listening to a new Sloshy comp, and dang it is FINE. I've been really lazy lately making anything with all this great new music around. Slosh, ya did a helluva job, mi amigo. That Wrens cut is awesome, not familiar wth it at all. The Death Cab For Cutie also. And The Black Heart Procession. And...........guess I better get busy making something around this new Espers disk. Thanx a lot!!!!!!!


04-11-2004, 04:46 AM
Not much on there that isn't well known 'round these parts but I thought it's a good listen so sent out a few copies to people I felt I 'owed' :)

I suppose I should offer it up publicly in the minuscule chance that someone else is sick of all these stupid popularity contests (ie: polls) and would actually want to listen to some music :rolleyes:

1. Run! Christian, Run! - Super Furry Animals
2. The Tain - The Decemberists
3. Handshake Drugs - Wilco
4. Gravity Rides Everything - Modest Mouse
5. Lightness - Death Cab For Cutie
6. O.K. With My Decay - Grandaddy
7. Inoculate The Innocuous - The Unicorns
8. A Life Of Possibilities - The Dismemberment Plan
9. This Small Disaster - The Cansecos
10. Mine's Not A High Horse - The Shins
11. Lake Charles - Lucinda Williams
12. She Sends Kisses - The Wrens
13. Once Said At The Fires - The Black Heart Procession