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01-03-2011, 09:14 AM
So this was my first experience at the Record Collector. This is just a normal little used record and cd store in downtown and very old Bordentown New Jersey. We got our tickets last August and the show was postponed to last night from last weeks snow cancellation.

We looked around and there was a little ramp up to a second level, maybe 2 feet higher with a piano and several wooden folding chairs in a half circle. There were way many more people that the 30 or so chairs so it wasn't hard to find our seats. Right up front 8 feet from Floyd Vivino. Well from the last time I posted about this show it seemed that only a half a handful of folks remember the Uncle Floyd Show on non main stations. Quite the riskay and political forerunner of comedy satire and fun poking. Also skits and Mugsy who impersonated musicians with a slight name change, Niel Yuck-Willie Half Nelson-Bruce Stringbean just to name a few.

So the show starts promptly at 730 and he has us cracking up on the floor in minutes. His jokes were fast and furious but sometimes dated but that was OK because they reminded me of my father. His piano playing is stellar. Most songs have a player piano feel and sound but it's only 10 fingers doing it.

He had our sides splitting for an hour and a half straight and being all but close enough to touch him we got our money's worth.

Oh yeah, and as soon as we saw the venue we purchased tickets to see Rik Emmett in April but we only could get row 2 so I guess we will be a whole 13 feet away.