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12-28-2010, 05:24 AM
Well, for 15 years I had the rega planar 3. In these 15 years and particularly the finally 5, I had begun the transformations – and upgrades. Inter alia and more important were the rb300 incognito rewired, the silent base and the acrylic platter. I accomplished to have quiet hearing with Grado cartridges that I have. In the old days I had Sonata, now Master, both Statement – 0.4V, and surrogate Grado gold. The relative hum from motor is not particular problem, perhaps and negligible, because he is perceptible only to the end of disk and in high, very high, intensity and when does not exist music in the vinyl.:sleep:
Up to Sonata all rolled smoothly. All were there. Musicality, trebles, intermediate, bass, all was o.k. I have also the phono grado ph1 - perfect combine. :thumbsup:
When, however, I took before two years, the Grado Master who hangs around one thousand Euros bill, something began to not sound good to my ears. What I heard, did not justify the difference of price from Sonata. Master it shouted for other plate. :15:
And YES before 3 days came by post the Arezzo of Stuart Michel. I kept the rb300 and I changed to him the counterweigh with Harmonic Level Counterweight Upgrade according to the proposal of Stuart. Since I set him and began to put his disks on, I understood the value of Grado Master. The record-player was disappeared. At last I hear the music and no the machines. The music came out from Chario Syntar 200 T and was poured in the space disappearing them. Strong bass and evident, intermediate gently natural and limpid richly trebles. Natural sound, live. Even scratches somebody of old vinyls they do not bother. The music overlaps them.:14:
I don't have experience from high expensive systems, neither change my instruments each does quarter or half-year period, but I wonder why I must give more from thousand Euros that I gave with the postal expenses? Sure optical it appears and musically is heard as record-player double and not only, price. Thus I appreciate the result that I took. It does not make me heart to close the record-player and go for sleep….:23:
This time Stuart Michel offers in vinyl lovers a gift. In any case I am enthusiastic.:22:
Thank you Stuart.:smile5:

03-02-2011, 01:16 PM
Some fotos

Thank you!!!