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N. Abstentia
04-10-2004, 12:56 PM
Anybody know a website that has info on old Marantz speakers? I had a set that my dad bought be back in probably 1980 or so, they were big puppies. I remember they had 12" woofers, a mid, a tweeter, and a SUPER tweeter! The surrounds eventually rotted out, and back then (I was maybe 14) I thought that was pretty much the end of those speakers so proceeded to take them apart and ruined everything right down to the cabinets. I kinda wish I still had them, knowing now how easily they could have been fixed. But on the other hand, that got me tinkering into speakers and crossovers!

But anyway, enough with the trip down memory lane..I was just wondering if I could find any info on these just for the fun of it :)