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12-19-2010, 04:28 PM
As I stated in my review of my first Blu Ray player, Pioneer BDP 120, it has come time to upgrade to a higher (better build quality) model. The 120 has performed awesomely over the last year, matter of fact I have two of them now. As with the transformation of my oldest daughter (off to College) room into an upstairs media room. I scored a Pioneer BDP 320 (with analog outputs) $105.00 this unit will replace the BDP 120 down stairs in the HT setup and that BDP 120 will go upstairs along with the old 32" 720p Vizio from my room (I also scored on a another 32" 1080p Vizio $265.00). I feel now I can watch TV in any room in the house and watch any format with no real compromise for me and it will get the young ones off the 55".

12-20-2010, 03:10 AM
GOOD luck on that.
BTW, the seventies called, they want their speakers back(unless thats some other kind of Optimus you have there).:1:

12-23-2010, 04:58 PM
lol, good one Pix, unless someone gives me a set of Axiom Q's I have not heard much in a better sound field than these Optimus Book shelf speakers. All of the drivers in mine are in great shape and work great with the Pioneer Elite 81TXi both for HT and music. I don't crank my system, so this setup works just fine.

I got the new 1080p 32" up lastnight (had to buy a new wall mount :{) For those that say 720p is not much different than 1080p, shame on you. The PQ on my 55" 1080p is great and this 32" steps right in line with it. My only question now is if I run the BD player and Cable box via HDMI and run optical out back to my AVR (has no HDMI). I plan on having the TV set on PCM so the signal will still be what is being sent via the BD player and cable box.

Tested with Star Trek BD and HD broadcast from Time Warner.

12-23-2010, 09:16 PM
Pix is gonna bag on Optimus Linaeum series speakers? What a maroon. I wouldn't be quick to get rid of those speakers either.

12-24-2010, 11:49 AM
Pix is gonna bag on Optimus Linaeum series speakers? What a maroon. I wouldn't be quick to get rid of those speakers either.

I HAD a set of those speakers.
Really nice, the sound from those linarium tweeters was amazing.
But they were mounted on a typical Optimus speaker with pedestrian mid/low woofer.
ALSO BE CAREFULL, or they will blow. RADIO SHACK sold a replacement, but now you'd probably be outta luck. My friend blew one before he sold it to me. The replacement
worked great, but I would hate to try to find one now.
one of the mysteries of our time, RAT SHACK had several nice but average speakers,
but the Linariums had a touch of greatness.
And Rat shack got rid of them like a hot potato. Lot of conspiracy theory, like RAT SHACK
was paid to buy out Linarium, then kill off this amazing little tweeter, much like the
fabled 100 MPG carbuetor. All I AM SAYING is that they have to be getting a bit long in the tooth.:1:

12-24-2010, 02:28 PM
You got that right Pix, the LX5 where rated best for under $500 back in the day and you will still pay $100 for a new pair someone may have found. As you said the sound field is wide and detailed. I have mine in the bedroom and with the peaked ceiling I have helps the sound travel down toward the listening postioning (laying flat in bed). To bad Rat Shack out source to RCA then drop audio altogether pretty much.