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12-16-2010, 09:21 PM
Which settings should I use to setup speakers?
Bought a new Samsung 3D Led TV with a bluray player. Sort of wanted everything to match and use Samsungs anynet+ features. And know receiver is not but so great compared to a Yamaha.
But bought a Samsung c500 receiver to replace a old Yamaha non HDMI receiver.

Also have 4 Polk rm2300 satellite speakers, Polk rm2600 center channel & Polk pw350 sub.
I have 2 choices on how to setup speakers. Not sure if I understand all of this.
Will not use the HT receiver much but I have too much invested not to at least have it setup right.

1. I do have a old radio shack sound meter. So I sit in the listening position in the room with the sound meter. I set all the Polk speaker except the sub to size small.
I manually run a tone test on the receiver and adjust All speaker including center and sub so that they all read the same volume.

2. The Samsung came with a sort of microphone that you plug into the front of it and it is suppose to do all this for you, in automatic tone test mode. And reviews were pretty good that this feature worked well.

But during the Auto tone test setup, I noticed that it set the size of the front speakers and center channel to small. The rears it set to large. Concerned because the front and rears are the same model speaker. Also when it did its own auto tone test some speakers seemed louder than others and the sub was not as loud. Are they suppose to be the same?

It did sound good when I played a DVD. Should I just leave it alone?

Thanks for any suggestions.

12-17-2010, 08:46 AM
You can control that from the receiver. Some receivers set it automatic but you can do it manually! Go to the surround options and you can set it the way you want it, if the front speakers are large, set it for large and make it for all speakers like the size they are.

Regarding that some speakers are louder than other that depends on the surround mode you are in. Usually the front and center are the louder and the rear speakers are the ones that are not that loud. If you think you don't get enough bass from your sub, check on the back of it and increase the volume on it, if it is on max, go to the receiver options and you can see subwoofer level and bust it from there!

The best way to lear everything is if you read the manual book, they should have it explained very good. On some receivers you can adjust the distance too, like how many feet the speakers are away!

Good luck!