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Raj J
12-16-2010, 06:32 PM
greetings from Melbourne!
trust everyone is keeping fine and all are looking forward to the festive season...

since acquiring the conrad johnson ACT2 preamplifier, I have managed to gain more considerable hours onto the system, and now the overall presentation is phenomenal!
I did notice something quite significant specially with the Quads; the soundstage has expanded tremendously including the dynamics and transients. as a result I had to re-position the ESL's further away from the back wall as well as further apart with more toe in. now they seem to be placed just perfect in my room: 4.5ft from back wall, 7ft between panels, and toed in directly towards listening position as described in user manual.

I find that this placement is critical for the Quads to launch that magical soundstage, and when driven with the ACT2 and c-j power amp, the 3D effect is amazing!
I was wondering whether anyone else has also experienced similar situations where their Quad ESL's have had to be brought out further away from the back wall, and also toed in more towards the listener. The true live impact of the full frequency spectrum is top notch and spot on actual scale. a piano sounds like a piano, strings, bass, jazz trios, small to large works, including orchestras is like the real event, no doubt about it!

once you get these 2905's positioned properly, there really is no comparison.
there is one dynamic speaker that comes to my mind very vividly that can deliver the same awesome soundstage with way greater slam - none other than the WIlson Alexandria speakers, these are incredible if anyone has heard them. their price tag is over the top for me, but Wilson Audio knows how to make speakers, you cannot disrepute that.

apart from that, coming back to panels, which I love the most, I guess Quads are probably the most truthful to the original sound, highly natural, absolutely non-fatiguing and highly accurate speakers that are produced today. plus the great thing is the higher you go in terms of partnering Quads with very high quality gear, their sonics improve tremendously by a far margin. therefore, the money spent upgrading on electronics is well justified.

interesting to hear your thoughts how you've made Quad ESL's improve in your system.
cheers, Raj J