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04-09-2004, 12:25 PM
Hi guys, my first post on the forum here goes

Well first off I,ve made the classic case of buying before hearing in my own room
normally i would never do this ,but with are almost perfect feedback on this site and others
i bought a pair @ 5000$ the real problem.....I,m in the U.K. and proberbly the only person in the country to have a pair.!!!!
my system
Teac P30 transport,
perpetual P3a+P1A=Monolithic PSU.......Also have a Benchmark DAC1
Krell KSA50 power
transparent cables throughtout
had the Merlins for three weeks now
the issue is Bass........lack of bass weight,extention and attack
upper mid and top end are all that I hoped........can anybody offer some options

thanks guy's


04-09-2004, 12:49 PM
Have you played with speaker placement?
I am not a Merlin expert. Is there a difference between the VSM and the VSM Millennium? Iam assuming the Millennium are just a special edtition or something like that.
I know the VSM Millennium has an outbaord BAM bass equalizer. If your VSM does, proper adjustment would seem to be very critical!
I think your best bet would to be to contact Merlin for suggestions. I heard a pair of the Millennium at the CES. I do not remember tham having too much bass weight.

As for the questions you have foe the upper mids and high end, sorry. I wish I could help more. Sadly, this is why home demos are so important!

04-09-2004, 01:02 PM
just edited my post, the mids&upper are a big step forward,my previous Monitor audio gr20 have metal tweeter,Merlins are sublime in that area.
yes I have the single ended Bam,but its non ajustable
yep I,ve made a blunder, but looking at solutions now,has been suggested I add a sub
but have no experiance on that area at all.......

04-09-2004, 02:11 PM
now that ya gott'em home first things first...double check the your wiring to ensure no phasing issues...after you've done the "black n' red" thing I'd spend a boat load of postioning time...and if your still no happy I'm phone the company and tell 'em ya got an issue....After doin a quick scan on the net I'm no seeing any lack of base in any reviews?...and with the BAM in place there could be something wrong that that lil black box? Only the company would more point...although ya cant run out and put your ear on another set you can compair...if you've got access to another pair of speakers that have been compaired (in a review lets say) or have gone head to head with (at a show) that might help when you phone the company or speak w/ current owners. For example if B & W had a model that "bass-wise" would be close go see/listen if it's in the ball park...if not you could use that for an example when calling the company....also go to any local dealers to see if they've every heard your particular model that might help...and if all fails...sell them to me for a song and start over! ;)

good luck!

Jimmy C
04-09-2004, 02:32 PM
..."poof" myself over to "AudioAsylum". Not to take away from the collective brain power in here, but me thinks more Merlin owners reside in that particular forum.

Another speaker I wanna hear... <sigh>...