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Raj J
10-19-2010, 08:45 PM
everybody in da house! how's it going...

trust that everyone is keeping fine, looking after those valuable audio systems and most of all ENJOYING YOUR MUSIC!
Yes! I say this with strong emphasis - just happened to listen to the Odin Cables from Nordost, side by side comparison with the Heimdall's. the system was very similar to what I have, only difference being the preamp. my c-j ACT2 vs their c-j ART.

Of course the Odin's were superior & sounded fantastic! but so did the Heimdall's regardless of price. this is like comparing two Ferrari's - both top notch, hence which one would suit your personality better? since I am using the Quantum Qx4 which is distributed by Nordost themselves and it sits right next to the CD player, the overall realism is superb! therefore, the upgrades I got using these advanced cables/interconnects were really not so much sonic improvements rather overall presence, sounstage, imaging etc. which I was getting anyway on a similar scale (if at all a tad bit less using DHLabs).
I may decide to keep the Heimdall's since it fits in quite well with my Quads and c-j gear; plus I could get a good trade in deal for my DHLabs, so there we go.

one thing I realized though during all this fussing around with cables/interconnects - I was forgetting to enjoy the music! as in the past when I had something great, I kept looking for more & more and ended up with ZERO! having to start all over again after arriving in Melbourne. I was starting to listen to the components, the system, the pros & cons of what it can do and what it can't - ignoring the most crucial element, to listen and enjoy the MUSIC! you see this is what happens when someone needs to give you a kick up you know where and tell you wake up, your daughter would like to hear a bedtime story...

please do not go there folks! lesson learned - do not invest your money for some peice of equipment to sound good just because it should or can, invest only if it makes an overall sonic improvement and is well within your means. from this investment you should be enoying your music more often than before, and listening more often than ever. not just trying to tweak this & that, and adding more of this & that for WHAT PURPOSE?

like Nina Simone says "you're pushing it, don't push it, don't push it, just relax and the music will flow..." believe me every highend manufacturer wants their stuff to be closer to the real/live event- yea right! guess what the live event is not as crystal clear compared to high quality playback! live events are distorted, noisy, annoying, and jarring to the point of probably ending up with a headache. also to add to that the extra coulpe beers along with the performance....

right now, my advice is - put on your favorite music, pour yourself your favorite tipping, turn the lights down low, light up that cigar and enjoy the show...
this is true hi fidelity, of course without the cigar and booze, it would be boring eh?

I have not yet posted my actual review of the ACT2 as yet, I am waiting for a few more weeks, once I have familiarized myself with this work of art.

cheers! Raj J

audio amateur
10-20-2010, 01:39 AM
Smoking isn't good for your hearing :)

Raj J
10-20-2010, 10:08 PM
you are absolutely right mate!
infact I don't smoke at all... it's only one of those once a year things - special occasions where I may light a cigar with a good friend, never in front of the kids though. rather prefer sipping a good wine or cognac for that matter.
this time I had to light a cigar, because the last time I did was back in 2006! when I got my MV60SE. this one was for the ACT2 - now that certainly deserves a cigar.

by the way, thanks for your concern. yes, it is certainly not a good thing at all to smoke! i wonder why people do it...
happy listening mate,
Raj J