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09-30-2010, 06:35 PM
Greetings All, I have a Denon AVR 5800. Unfortunately the RC 8000 remote has a broken screen. The screen is still in tact, but because the LCD is damaged, you can no longer see what in on the display. I have been searching high and low for another one, but no dice. Is anyone aware of:
Where I might find a replacement?
Where I can have the one I have repaired?
What the replacement remote is?

I went to the Denon USA site and was frustrated even more, because this remote is no longer made. To make matters worse, I had my system perfectly caligrated, and then the remote was damages and the power went out. So as you can see, i am back to the factory presets (that suck)!! I can recaligrate a few settings on the front panel of the AVR 5800, but I can NOT access the fine internal settings without the remote.
Advice requested and appreciated.
Thanks, Dwayne:mad: