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09-30-2010, 02:14 AM

I have post it earlier also but the thing is that I got a lot of suggestion, i couldn't find out here in India, the one easy to locate are Bose(any), creative, JBL, so kindly suggest what to buy
bose companion or creative Gigaworks 5.1 or any other which you pro think are awesome, kindly keep in mind that it should have a option to 220 V, that we follow here(power input)

09-30-2010, 02:55 AM
So are you able to listen to any of the above you listed. For what is available to you, they may, depending on model, be similar enough to just choose the one that sounds best to you.

10-02-2010, 08:38 AM
Consider the Klipsch Promedia 2.1 if available in your area. In my experience they are much better than Creative Gigaworks speakers, which I did try for about a week before returning them. I don't do a lot of serious listening on my computer speakers, but they are actually pretty solid when it comes to music, and great for movies.

Mr Peabody
10-02-2010, 11:48 AM
I 2nd the Klipsch, their computer speakers are good. I don't like the Bose, they are expensive and distort before they reach a good listening level. In other words for the money the Bose are terribly under powered. The best speakers I've heard on a computer are the Audio Engine but not sure if they sell to India, i wouldn't see why not. I have also heard some good Harmon Kardon computer speakers. I haven't heard the JBL you refer to but I currently use JBL speakers because that's what came attached to my monitor, they are good with in their range. I don't do much serious listening through my computer.

11-16-2010, 02:05 AM

I was also thinking of buying Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 but couldn't find here in India, the choices are : M-Audio Studiophile AV 40, Bose, Audioengine 5s & suggest any thing else & let me see if i can find the same in India or not.

11-19-2010, 06:48 PM
Amen on the Audioengine speakers. Very impressive.