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09-16-2010, 10:51 AM
Cover me folks, Iím going in. Iím ready to tune up my vintage turntable/ cartridge. I bought the Philips GA312/ Stanton 681EEE system new in 1978. I used it extensively from 1978 to about 1992. It was in storage from 1997 until last winter, when I re-commissioned it (see my threads below [1]-[3]). It seems to work reasonably well. Iíve played and compared the sound between LPís and CDís in which I have the same material on both media. My conclusion: the GA312/ 681EEE are worth the time and effort for a tune up.

Iíve avoided playing my LPís for fear that the stylus is worn. As I recall, itís the same stylus that came with my new 681EEE in 1978. So the stylus gets top priority. Iíll consider member invitations (local to Washington, DC) to examine my current 681EEE stylus for wear and condition. I donít have the resources to build a Stylus Microscope.

I have the Ownerís and Service Manuals (thanks Vinylengine). I can read a schematic and Iím handy with a soldering iron. Iím comfortable with tinkering on complex components, but I am not an electronic service technician.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I find that I get more diverse support if I post to multiple forums. Iím posting this to Audiokarma, Audioreview, and Vinylengine. There's no need for members to monitor all three threads.

The tune up list below is arranged in order of priority.

Philips GA312/ Stanton 681EEE tune up list.
1. Check cartridge alignment.
2. Acquire and install new stylus.
3. Acquire and install new belt.
4. Acquire stylus force gauge.
5. Replace RCA phono cables.
6. Replace ground cable.
7. Clean or replace headshell leads.
8. Clean and lube moving parts.
9. Replace tone arm leads (if this is possible).
10. Repair scratches on cover.
11. Fix light on STOP button.
12. Fix sticky ON/OFF switch.

Iíve done some research on the required materials. Here is my list of components Iím considering.

Stylus: from Jico, Part No.: D6800EEE-S, Cartridge No. : 681EEE-S, Manufacturer : STANTON, Tip : Shibata Stylus (Quadraphonic)

Belt: available from many sources

Stylus force gauge: Shure SFG-2 Stylus Force Gauge

RCA phono cables: Blue Jean Cables, BJC LC-1 Stereo Audio Cables

[1]. Phillips GA-312/ Stanton 681 EEE out of the attic, Audiokarma,
[2]. Phillips GA-312/ Stanton 681 EEE out of the attic, Audioreview,
[3]. New member with Philips GA-312, Vinylengine,

JoeE SP9
09-17-2010, 08:21 AM
It looks like you have done your research and have a plan. Good luck!

09-18-2010, 04:35 AM
It looks like you have done your research and have a plan. Good luck!
Thank you, this gives me more condfidence in my endeavor.

09-27-2010, 08:00 AM
I ordered my Jico D6800EEE-S today. It should arrive within 2 to 5 days

[Cartridge No. : 681EEE-S, Manufacturer : STANTON, Tip : Shibata Stylus (Quadraphonic)]

From Vinyl Engine, I have the GA312 operating manual, GA312 service manual, and the 681EEE operating manual. Thank you Vinyl Engine.

I should have the orignal GA312 operating manual and 681EEE operating manual somewhere... Now where did I put them .....

10-08-2010, 09:50 AM
OK, today I checked and adjusted the cartridge alignment.

I used the free Protractor from

I practiced today with the old stylus. I aligned the tone arm with the protractor so that the needle fell on the outer "dot". When I moved the tone arm from the outer dot to the radial arc going though the inner dot, the needle was about 2 to 3 mm ahead of the inner dot. I took the cartridge head out and moved the cartridge back toward the tone arm pivot about half that distance (1 to 1.5 mm).

It looks like I got it dead nuts on the first try. The dots now line up within about a line width of the lines printed on the protractor.

I expect to receive my new Jico stylus any day now.

10-15-2010, 07:49 AM
Well, I received my new Jico D6800EEE-S (Shibata Stylus) yesterday. I ordered it on Sept 27, that makes 17 days, not bad from Japan I guess.

I installed it this morning. So far I've played:

Cat Stevens- Teaser and the firecat
The Beatle- Meet the Beatles
John Prine- Common Sense

all albums I haven't heard in a while.

I played the first song of Teaser and the firecat with the old stylus (OEM Stanton 681EEE, eliptical) before I put the Jico stylus on. Well, it's going to be hard to tell difference in sound quality. I guess that's not surprising.

I don't want to use the old stylus, unless upon examination, it seems to have life left. I don't have the resources to build a stylus scope.

I least I can play my LPs in comfort, knowing the stylus is not damaging them.

But most importantly, the Jico D6800EEE-S (Shibata Stylus) sound great and I'm very happy. :yesnod: