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09-14-2010, 02:34 PM
The Quad 11Ls look and sound great. I thought that maybe they would not have enough bass for me but in a small room 13x14, the 11Ls have plenty of bass. I actually have them with a 30 wpc tube amp (ASL 1003DT) and they are really a match. The Quads are more detailed in the mids and a touch forward while this tube amp is very neutral but warm in the mids (with EL34s) so they are a great match.

I wanted to get the Quad 21Ls with the Quicksilver mini-mites for a terrific system but just don't have that kind of money. However, with the ASL and the 11Ls and my small room, I think this is as good as it gets. (I stopped thinking about upgrades and am just enjoying playing all my records and CDs.)

Enjoy your music!

09-14-2010, 05:49 PM
Congrats on you Quad speakers. I've always wondered what the signature sound of a Quad speaker is. Did you pick them up in a shop in Atown?

09-15-2010, 05:47 AM
Nope. I got mine as an open box special from another dealer. However, Sound Mind Audio in Austin via the internet might have a pair on hand to hear. If not, Galen Carol in San Antonio might be able to help you.
Everything it seems that the reviews on this website say about the Quads is true. They are bigger sounding than the really are; they look even better in person than in the pictures; I am still breaking mine end but out of the box they already sound so right and detailed. The bass is there and very fast only it does not extend real low but unless you are used to hearing a sub, you will not notice it because the bass you do get is so nicely integrated with the tweeter. Good luck!

09-17-2010, 08:10 PM
Right on abcxyz. I've got a pair of Quad 12L2's that I almost sold, but after playing around with my setup I've got them sounding incredible and suffice it to say they are now going nowhere. Bass has good weight and body, the highs are extended but never harsh, and the mids are smooth with just insane levels of detail. The tweeter/woofer integration is the best I've heard and the speaker can play very fast, not bloated or sluggish in the least.

This probably reads like a lot of speaker reviews, but I was so intent on buying something else (and there is even a thread here about it) until, thanks to a local dealer, I started to focus on proper set up and actually getting the most out of my system. Now when I listen to it and ask myself what I would change about the sound, I honestly cannot say I'd change a thing. The dealer remarked to me that there is not a lot of bad sounding gear out there anymore, and that most systems can be made to sound good if people just focus on proper set up. Hearing is believing.