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08-30-2010, 06:28 PM
Just wondering if anyone has experience with both and which one they would recommend. I'm not really looking for any responses that haven't used or heard both in person.

I previously owned the Soundsticks II. I really liked its appearance, but I bought it for its crystal clear sound. I remember first plugging it into my cd player and being awed by the best sound out of any computer speakers I had heard up to that point. I previously owned a Powerbook G4 and about a month ago I upgraded to the current Macbook. One of the biggest issues I had with the old one was its lack of durability. I didn't transport it too often as I did with my laptop but after about two years, the wires must've gotten frayed inside the cable and it only worked when bent a certain way (which slowly degraded until I could no longer use them). Also, the sticks both came unglued and I had to keep them tied together with rubber bands (I've read other reviews with similar complaints) which makes them look really dumb. The blue light inside the subwoofer also starting losing its lucidity after about a year and a half and ceased to work entirely sometime not long after that. I also know I used them fairly loudly quite often and by the same year and a half mark, they started losing audio clarity and became very fuzzy at louder volumes (and eventually even medium volumes). If I did rebuy the Soundsticks, I probably wouldn't transport them very often so I expect that to buy a lot more time before the previous problems begin re-occuring.

I was looking to rebuy some new computer speakers to go with my new laptop and just read a review from audio reviewers the M-Audio AV40s are their top choice for home music output. A youtube reviewer said he would suggest the AV40s for music but the Soundsticks II for gaming, movies, and if you prefer bassier rumblings (due to its subwoofer which the AV40s lack, I suppose?). But I know the AV40s have a bass boost on the back which should be sufficient for being loud but not piss off any neighbors.

Another question I had but had trouble finding an answer to (I admit I didn't search too diligently) was whether I could hook either up to my HDTV for use with movies and game systems. I think I read that the soundsticks had some sort of connector but I'm not sure if it's compatible. If only one could, that would probably make a huge difference in which audio system I settle on.

I've been an avid musician for the majority of my life and starting to get into studio composition so it really matters to me that I can hear even the smallest detail in the music I'm listening to.