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08-21-2010, 10:28 PM
I had the rare opportunity today to pretty much just sit around and listen to music, thought I would share what was spinning as I really went through a wild ride of material...

Jeff Trott - Dig Up the Astroturf (DVD-A)

Lindsay Buckingham - Out of the Cradle (CD, thanks to another thread)

Parliament - Mothership Connection (CD)

Queen - The Game (DVD-A)

Wagner's Lohengrin (SACD, Semyon Bychkov)

Poncho Sanchez - Out of Sight (SACD)

Elvis Costello - North (SACD)

The Thorns - Self Titled (SACD)

Mike Marshall - Gator Strut (SACD)

What I quickly realized is that many of these recordings I have not listened to in quite a few years (for some) and it was awesome to listen to many of them again with changes in my system since they were last spun, which made me re-appreciate many of them and of course just listening to many of these great recordings is always a pleasant one, although days like today are too few and far between.

I am very anxious though to begin my adventure into vinyl and start picking up some great albums on that format and rediscover music in many ways..all over again.