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08-14-2010, 03:04 AM
Hi, i'm looking to start a set up to listen to music. I wanna build this system JUST for music but would like it to come from a few sources such as CD and my PC..

would I be correct in thinking that I should just get a good amplifer such as this one and it would cover all my needs?

And also what ARE the differences between a receiver and a amplifer other than the fact the receiver has a build in am/fm and sometimes DAB radio; and some receivers have build in CD aswell??

I'll also want it to have speaker inputs and a sub-woofer input..


08-14-2010, 03:37 AM
You have selected what is termed as an integrated amplifier and a rare one at that given that it has a subwoofer output. Many do not.The difference between an integrated amp and a power amp is that the former has "preamp" functions, meaning your multiple line-ins and switching functions.

You've already got a pretty good grasp on the differences between an amp and a receiver.

What speakers are you planning on using? 40 watts should be sufficient for most moderate listening levels provided that you're not working with difficult speaker demands.

08-14-2010, 03:42 AM
So would I be better off getting an internal amp like receiver unit because it has multiple line-ins?

Or would a good amp suffice with just the aux for connecting to pc and possible CD connections etc..

this will be maily for the PC to connect.

As for speakers, I'm not to sure at the moment but someone told me that the speaker price should match the amplifier price..

So considering I go for this amp:

I may chose a pair of bookshelf speakers such as these:

Thanks for your reply!

08-14-2010, 04:13 AM
I think that given your limited requirements an integrated amp will be just fine. Opting for a receiver might end up providing you with unnecessary features that will go unused.

Most folks actually spend a significant amount more on speakers than the source and amplification but a lot of that will depend upon what will work together to create a system synergy.

Monitor Audio has a great reputation and their speakers are widely used. That said, I can't tell you what to purchase as speakers are easily the single most distinguishing characteristic of a system. Personal preference plays a huge role in selection. I will say that the 87 dB sensitivity is fairly midrange as far as load requirements. The frequency response of 80 Hz-35 Khz will require some tweaking with sub to properly integrate the mid-bass.

You're very welcome for the reply and, btw, welcome to the forums. Do let us know how things work out and feel free toss out any more questions you may have.

JoeE SP9
08-14-2010, 09:50 AM
Welcome to AR Jordan.

I strongly, very strongly suggest not buying any speaker you haven't Relying on someone else's opinion about speakers is the worst possible way to choose and buy a pair. What I like and recommend may sound like absolute dreck (I doubt it though. Everyone likes the way my ESL's sound) to you. What you think is the word of "God" may sound to me like it came from the other direction.

Speakers are the most personal and idiosyncratic part of any system. Listen to all the speakers you can before buying. When comparing speakers remember, the one that stands out the most is usually not the one you want over the long haul. After getting them home and working you may still decide they aren't what you really want. That carpentry thing about measuring twice and cutting once applies here.

I suspect many people go through so many different speakers before settling on something they're comfortable with because they've either bought something they've never heard (based on someone else's recommendation) or bought the ones that attracted the most attention during a comparison.

In any case, good luck on your search.

Mr Peabody
08-14-2010, 10:20 AM
The NAD looks like a good little unit. The Monitor speakers are 8 ohm which is usually what NAD recommends. As bobsticks pointed out the low end cut off is 80hz which is fairly high so you'd almost have to have a sub if wanting a full response. If you do not have a CD player yet you may want to look at something like NAD's L54, it actually has a DVD/CD but I'm not sure which model is just CD. The L54 also features a sub out and mini jack input.

I recently heard a pair of Mordant Short 902 which were very impressive and had a good bottom end. If you can find them you may want to give a listen. I also hear the Cambridge Audio C30's are excellent for the price.