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08-10-2010, 05:51 AM
How do I delete a review I made here on AudioReview?

08-10-2010, 10:47 AM
Hey jeff,

I think I read your other posts late last night...sorry I didn't respond earlier. If you would still like to revise or edit your comments PM me the changes and a link to the review and I'll see what can do. No promises but it'll have my attention.


08-10-2010, 11:35 AM
if it is a product review please send me a link to the product can I can remove the review.

08-10-2010, 02:18 PM
It would not allow me to PM you, so I sent you an e-mail.


08-10-2010, 06:59 PM
if it is a product review please send me a link to the product can I can remove the review.

Adam, I accessed the review in question at:

Unfortunately, I do not have editorial functions for reviews. The new text should read as such:

Overall Rating should be: 4 out of 5
Overall Value should be 4 out of 5

I’ve been searching for a speaker that I can listen to my classical music for
extended periods without my ears getting fatigued. I first bought the Wharfedale
Diamond 9.6 from Wild West Electronics. I was struck by the natural sound of these
speakers and especially liked the extended deep bass below 50Hz which really shows
off during romantic organ music and orchestral music with bass drum. However, after
listening to these speakers for more than ½ hour my ears seemed to become fatigued.

Also, I noticed that I had to turn the speakers way up to hear all the details in the
orchestra. After about a year of research, I decided to try the best that Wharfedale
offers, the Opus 3’s for fronts and Opus 1’s for rears and center. So I saved my
money for about 6 months and then purchased them from “At Your Service Electronics”
on-line. That was a mistake, I do not recommend purchasing from “At Your Service
Electronics” because one of my Opus 1 speakers turned defective only after a couple
of days of listening. The 3” dome midrange sta! rted to distort badly. I called the
person at “At Your Service Electronics” and left a message. I never heard back from
him. After several more calls over the next 2 weeks I still never heard back from
him. So I had to call the distributor, Sound Imports, who’s address was on the
shipping label and I talked to Bob Springston and told him my problem with the guy
from “At Your Service Electronics” not getting back to me. He was able to help me,
thank God. He shipped me a new speaker and had UPS pick up the defective speaker at
the same time. He is really a nice guy to deal with. In the future I’d buy my
speakers from Wild West Electronics and avoid “At Your Service Electronics”.
Now for the review of the Opus 3 speakers, on first hearing I immediately heard more
detail and breath in the high frequencies, midrange, upper bass and mid bass regions
of the audio spectrum compared to my Diamond 9.6 speakers. More of the ambiance of
the recording venue came through and the instruments sounded even more life like than
the Diamond 9.6 speakers. The only thing I was a little disappointed with was the
deep bass below 50Hz. The bass frequencies did not come in quit as strong as the
Diamond 9.6. Perhaps it’s because of the Diamond 9.6’s dedicated sub-woofer (the
lower 8” woofer) specifically designed to reproduce frequencies below 150Hz. However,
the Opus far outshined the Diamonds in reproducing everything above 50Hz. The SACD of
Janos Starker playing Bach’s cello suites is absolutely more life like. It gave me
“the cello is right there in the room with you” feeling. It was an emotional as well
is visceral experience with the cello vibrating my whole body just as it would if the
Janos Starker was really in the room with me. Listening to orchestral music give the
same life like experience as if I’m really in the concert hall sitting right behind
the conductor. The timbre of the instruments is exquisite and truly lif! e like. Voices
as well come through with amazing life like qualities. Also, with the Opus 3s I’m
able to listen to music for extended periods of time (several hours) without my ears
getting fatigued. I’ve had the Opus speakers now for 6 months and I’m very happy with
them. I’d rate them 4 out of 5 stars.

November 2009 Update - the midrange of one of my Opus 1 speakers that I was using as
my left rear speaker started to distort badly. I called Sound Imports (The
representative for Wharfedale here in the USA) per the Wharfedale website. He said
that he would ship out a new midrange replacement. 2 weeks went by still no
replacement. I called him and he said that he had packed it up but forgot to ship it
out. I then receive the replacement speaker and it did work fine.

December 2009 - The tweeter in my Opus 3 speaker I noticed started to distort. It was
especially noticeable when I played solo piano music. I e-mailed Sound Imports (The
representative for Wharfedale here in the US). After several e-mails he said on
December 15th 2009 that he would ship me out a replacement tweeter that day he said
that he would actually ship me out a pair of Opus 3 tweeters just in case. It is now
January 20 and I still have not received my replacement tweeters. I have e-mailed Bob
at least 4 times and left 3 messages on his voicemail and as of day
(January 20, 2010) I have not heard a word from him. He has totally disappeared yet.
Wharfedale's website still shows him as the contact here in the US.

January 2010 - While I was waiting for the tweeter replacements I used my rear Opus 1
speakers as my front speakers. I put a new SACD of Ravel's piano music volume 2 on
the LINN label with Pizarro. I immediately heard distortion coming from the Opus 1
speakers. The SACD sounded terrible. I then got up and put my hear close to the
tweeter of my Opus 1 speakers and my left rear Opus 1 tweeter was now distorting
badly. I the! n checke d my right Opus 3 speaker with the same SACD and my right Opus 3
speakers was distorting as well but not as badly as my left Opus 3 speaker which is
really bad. I then changed speaker wires to see if my Opus 1 center and my Opus 1
right rear speaker were also distorting, but they sounded OK. I then re-connected
each of the distorting speakers just to make sure it was not the connection and yes
they are still distorting. I don't listen to my music very loudly (at least to my
ears) and I only listen to classical music, so I don't think the problem could be
that I'm over taxing these speakers, although classical music does have a very wide
dynamic range. My Denon AVR-3805 receiver is only rated at 120 Watts per channel. The
smaller Opus 1 speakers are rated at 150 watts continuous program and the Opus 3 are
rated at 300 watts continuous program.

Around the middle of January I tried calling Sound Imports, the company that handles
warranty issues for Wharfedale one more time, and they answered this time. He
apolgized for not getting back to me sooner. He was involved in travelling to Las
Vegas for the Electronics show and setting up the display for Wharfedale. He said he
should have just handled it back in December when I first called him. He sent the
replacement tweeters right away and I installed them and they worked fine. I was
advised to listen to the new tweeters at low volume for about 30 to 40 hours before
turning up the volume in order to brake them in.

August 2010 - The new tweeters are holding. I'm now upto a volume level of -22db to
-28db on AVR-3805 receiver depending on the volume level of the CD/SACD being played
and the tweeters still sound fine, no distortion. Please note that classical music is
mastered at a much lower volume than pop music, so -22db to -28db is actually only
medium volume for classical CDs. Full life-like volume would be around -12db to
-18db. I tried changing and even! deletin g this review so I could so I could re-rate
this speaker 4 out-of 5 stars but this Audio Review website does not seem to allow
deletion or changes to the reviews. If anyone knows how to delete or edit their own
review on this website, please let me know, and I'll delete or edit this review and
create a new updated review. Oh, and the midrange replacement for my Opus 1 speaker
is still working fine. So I'm happy and still rate these speakers 4 out of 5 stars.

Hopefully you can just cut and paste