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08-07-2010, 06:01 AM
hey guys, looking for you guru's out there who know exactly what's available in the audio industry. i'm looking for a bit of an odd device i suppose.. not sure if there's something readily available or if it'll have to be a diy for me. i'm looking for something that can play essentially 3 mp3 files and be remote playable/switchable. amplification isn't necessary as i can add a receiver or amplifier. but basically what i mean is: say i have a 3 button remote. pressing one would play one file, pressing the second will play the second file, and so on. i know i could rig it up with maybe separate mp3 players or something, but is there a simple device that could do this for me? thanks guys!

08-07-2010, 07:24 PM
did some more searching, and did end up finding something quite different, but maybe useable. For example I found this creative labs sound blaster wireless remote with lcd screen (and it appears there are others on the market) which allows me to control the files through the remote itself. I don't necessarily need a 3 button remote that activates the different samples. Something like this would work just as well if it's simple enough. But I'd rather not use something that draws the files off of a computer through a wireless connection as this appears.
Is there a remote/player like this, where I can have the files on the device itself (in case I don't have a computer) and just hook it straight up to an amp/receiver and speakers?