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07-24-2010, 09:45 AM
The Axiom Algonquin Outdoor speakers are identical to the well received M3's except for their cabinet material. The woofer is said to run free and clear on these puppies and rolls off gently as there is no crossover element on the woofer ( sorry, I can't help my full range speaker bias here ). The review of the original M3 by "Enjoy the Music" states that "the very good retrieval of detail is due to the absence of the crossover".

The Marcato sub on the house wall opposite the Axioms blends so seamlessly ( except for the fuller sound ) I hardly know it's there. Haven't tried the Algonquins with any of my other gear yet but hope to give feedback on how they match with my MW and T-amps. At 93 dbs they can be driven by any number of flea amps. I currently drive the system with a 35 year old garage sale Marantz 1150 integrated that never requires more than a quarter turn of the volume pot.

For those who haven't tried "free air" sound you may be surprised. Drag your speakers outside and see if you like the open sound. I've become addicted and am totally neglecting my inside systems even in this 100 + degree South Carolina summer.

08-20-2010, 03:31 AM
Although no one asked, the heavy potted plants on top of the Algonquins offer excellent mass loading : ) I'm working on some PVC sand filled stands ( aka TNT Stumpies? ) to further anchor these puppies to the floor.

The new tiny high power T amp from Parts Express is a very good power source for the Axioms. My MiniWatt is however not a good option as who wants to sit on a porch in utter silence waiting on tubes to warm up?

10-02-2010, 06:02 AM
Hey, I'm really hesitating between Axiom M3v3 and Tekton 4.5 to plug into my Miniwatt S1. And I notice you have both ! What would you advise ? I will have do a stupid thing : buy without listening (I cant find tekton or Axiom to listen in France and the only other option for 93bd bookshelf is Klipsch RB51..). So more or less, You will decide for me ;-)
Thanks in advance !

10-05-2010, 07:16 AM

I'd go with the Tekton 4.5 with the Fostex FE126 drivers over the Axioms. The Miniwatt has plenty of headroom with the Tektons but it runs out of gas with the Axioms ( based on my experience with the Algonquins which I now realize thrive on more power ). On paper the Axioms are about the same sensitivity as the Tektons but in reality the Tektons are much more efficient. I believe the normal Tekton 4.5 driver is the Fostex FE127 but specify the FE126 as it's more efficient and a better match for the Miniwatt S1. I do know that the Fostex drivers are more detailed than the Axioms but that doesn't stop the Algonquins from sounding lovely on my porch.

If you like plenty of bass you might consider a small quick sub with the Tektons. I would love to hear the 4.5's with Tekton's own sub. You should also let Alexander know if you plan to use a sub when you order.

Now if I lived in France and wanted to save a ton of money ( the shipping has got to be outrageous on the Tektons ) I would purchase a set of the inexpensive Fostex FE126 drivers and have a local cabinet maker build your cabinets from their plans online. If you can build some of these simple bass reflex designs yourself you could save even more $$$. Fostex offers several free online plans for speakers that are directly comparable to the Tektons.

Either way I hope you enjoy your venture into full range speakers as much as I have.

10-05-2010, 02:19 PM
Dear Poultrygeist,
Thank you so much for you opinion. I was about to buy the Axiom (reasonable shipping to France). But know you make me think twice. Tekton shipping to France is compensated buy Euro/USD change, not that awfull. But the size of the Tekton seems to be a problem for my wife...
Now you make me think of a possibility...I have a week off with my retired father in 3 weeks, it could be a very nice "project" to build the Fostex 126En Bass reflex cabinetry (the one on Fostex website seems to be simple for a first DYI, not the back horn)
Do you think I could succeed and have something satisfactory ? (my dad is skilled in wood working).
Beside that, can you describe the "full range" experience ? Thank you again poultrygeist !
Alex in Paris.

10-05-2010, 05:07 PM
If your dad is skilled in wood working the cabinet should be an easy project. There are no crossovers in full range single driver speakers so it's just a matter of some hook up wires between the drivers and terminals or one can solder the speaker cable directly to the driver and exit out the port. If you don't have a router the speaker openings can be cut with a jig saw. I would use a nice sheet of birch plywood stained in a woodstock color to satisfy the wife acceptance factor.

The full range sound is very pure and unadulterated without the life sucking, power robbing and unnatural influence of crossovers. Those Fostex drivers are so revealing you don't miss anything. On "Jazz At The Pawnshop" I can hear all those wonderful club background sounds such as conversations and tinkling drink glasses. With Miles I hear the spit in his trumpet. But one of the best parts of full rangers for me is the absence of listener fatigue. I can listen to those 4.5's all day and they sound as fresh to my ears as when I first sat down to listen.

The Fostex 126 is a magical little driver capable of handling anything you can throw at it. In the back loaded horn design I've heard the 126 exceed 100dbs with 2.5 watts from a Miniwatt amp without distortion. I've also heard it driven by a monster Classe power amp of 200 wpc at ear bleed levels and again without distorting.

This is IMHO a great project to fuel one's interest in the full range speaker phenomenon ( I'm always looking for new converts ). Good luck and let me know how things go.

10-06-2010, 02:25 PM
Well... you almost convinced me...
I've found this that I could do in MDF as well :

I'm still a bit concerned by the lack of bass, as I listen 40% RnB and caribbean/brasilian music.
Would adding a Subwoofer be ruining the "no crossover" benefit as I guess a sub has to have some kind of filter...?

10-06-2010, 03:02 PM
I wouldn't worry about bass as the new Fostex 126En will surprise you. I listen to a lot of nouveau tango which sounds incredible with full rangers.

If you want more bass, which I doubt you will, you can run a preamp with the MW that has two outputs. One output can connect to a powered sub and the other to the MW. The sub is crossed-over but the speakers run full range.

10-07-2010, 06:49 AM
For those who haven't tried "free air" sound you may be surprised.

No surprise at all Poultry. Zero nodes or reflections, same as an anechoic chamber. Outdoors would reveal a speaker's real worth and sound.

BTW, I am going to audition a pair of 3A Model 360. If that doesn't work out, I will be finally moving onto full range.

I know you have given up on me, but it has always been in the back of my mind, on the bottom of "the list".

My system is now in a place where I feel that full range would be a step forward.

I'll be sure to contact you when i am set...

10-07-2010, 07:13 AM
Are those 12 feet apart?

10-07-2010, 01:08 PM
G, the Algonquins are actually 13 ft apart. My sweet spot green rocking chair (not shown ) is 11 ft away from each speaker and the sub is behind me in the right corner.

When Alex ask about the Axioms in the post above I had never tried them indoors. I expected similar performance as on the porch but man I was wrong. Their sound is barely passable indoors but it goes to another level on the porch.

PoppaC, you need to build those BOFU's to get your feet wet in FR. You could pull it off for under $100 as the drivers are on sale at Parts Express for $19 each. A few brewski's, some MDF or plywood and a free Saturday afternoon is all you need to free yourself from the chains of X-over sound sucking monkey coffins.

10-07-2010, 11:37 PM
Ok I will order Fostex 126EN and will give a try to the Fostex Bass Reflex Enclosure.
Do you know where I could find a "Bass reflex 101 guide" ? I still have a lot of question before my first DYI build, and do not find good "how to start with...building your first BR enclosure".

For example I'm still wondering :
- If I can use "plain wood" like Oak, beech or Cherry instead of MDF or Plywood (my dad has a lot of them and they look better !)
- If I have to put dampening material in it (to avoid reflexions...) or If I can start without
- If I can put classic terminal for plug (but as it will be thicker than 15mm recommanded MDF it will reduced the encloser volume and maybe bring some vibrations ?) or have to go with a console/pass through

I'm ordering the Fostex now as I understood they can take days of break in, I will do that in a temporary set up not to be disappointed with the first impression in the Bass Reflex.

10-08-2010, 03:14 PM

I responded here but it was lost in the meltdown so I'll try once again.

Solid wood is too expensive unless you've got some laying around so I'd go with void free 3/4 inch plywood of oak, birch, etc.,stained in red oak with poly on top. Plywood edges don't stain well but a roll of veneer stripping applied over the edges with an iron can be stained, look great and will blend perfectly.

There's no recommendation in the plans for dampening so I would listen to them and add and adjust as needed. I use pillow batting or poly-fill. You can go with cup terminals and hook up wire or you can straight wire the cables to the speakers and exit them out the ports. You can use a section of PVC with plastic flange for the port tube. The plumbing section of your local hardware store is your friend.

Always make your cuts to achieve the correct internal dimensions. The drivers and cup terminals must be sealed and I use 1/4 inch foam window weatherstripping with adhesive backing for the gaskets. You can start breaking in the raw drivers with 100 to 150 hours of FM ( badly tuned FM station static is best ).

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

10-09-2010, 01:45 PM
Thanks again, I just come back from downtown Paris where I bought a pair of Fostex FE126EN at 'La Maison du Haut Parleur".

Kind of point of no return for my project now !

I'm looking for a PDF version of the Japanese manual that was in the fostex box: much more detailed than the english version. In pdf I could ask google to do good enough translation...
I was thinking to start exactly like you mentionned : without dampening.

I will keep you update of progress (maybe I should do that in another post ? we will be further away from "axiom on the porch").

Bravo for this single driver conversion !