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07-17-2010, 07:23 PM
Electronichouse have asked CE pros to share their go-to demo materials and why each works so well (link at bottom):

Planet Earth:So groundbreaking. Fast and slow motion. Great color. Some of the best HD ever.
- Heather L. Sidorowicz, Southtown Audio Video


Sherlock Holmes:The new Sherlock Holmes Blu-ray has amazing picture and a great surround mix. Especially the scene where the ship breaks free of the dry-dock.
- Bryan Gorog, BCG Concepts


The Bourne Supremacy:Moscow road chase, from stealing the cab until the tunnel crash, allows the screen to show bright light and low light images, a quick refresh rate and highlights the panoramic view.
- Ric Johnson, Elite Systems Solutions


The Incredibles:I like the dynamic audio range demonstrated in a few of the scenes, going from a quiet jungle with ambient sounds, then jumping into a fight with a gigantic robot.
-Dean Rockwell, Grand Home Automation


Fifth Element :The Fifth Element chapter 24, which offers excellent audio with the subtleties of the vocal range plus a quick transition to a full action/adventure scene.
- Scott Fuelling, Phoenix Unequaled Home Entertainment


Eagles Farewell 1 Tour: Live from Melbourne: The Eagles Farewell 1 Tour: Live from Melbourne, as it is also immediately recognizable and provides a very solid audio experience with the video.
- Scott Fuelling, Phoenix Unequaled Home Entertainment


Cars: Disneyís Cars for the vivid picture, colors and the family quality.
- Ryan T. Herd, 1 Sound Choice


Star Trek: Excellent audio and video quality.


Casino Royale:You canít go wrong with the opening chase sequence with Daniel Craig.
- Jim McGall


Transformers: For the impact of the explosions.
- Juan Mota, Vsys Automation



07-19-2010, 10:44 PM

Those are some great ones and thanks for posting a really cool idea, of course Blu-ray has really upped the competition and put certain DVD's that really performed well into the word of obsolete, but there are still some great ones, here are my favorite Blu-ray demo discs:

1. BARAKA - nothing like showing off high resolution 70mm!
2. FROM HELL - perhaps one of the best titles to show off what true black levels can look like in the world of HD.
3. HART'S WAR - I like to use this when showing off high level of gritty detail, there are some amazing shots in the snow as well that look phenomenal.
4. AKIRA - for animation, this is a great demo disc, although I still like the sound on my DVD edition with full-bit DTS.
5. SOUTH PACIFIC - wowza....great color and detail for a film of this age!
6. PATTON - some complain about the noise reduction used, but the color on the film looks spectacular and really showcases the cinematography of this classic.
7. THE BOOK OF ELI - exceptional film, insanely great detail here for a film that uses a washed out look, it still picks up small detail, awesome black levels, and superb art direction altogether.
8. TOY STORY 1 or 2 - both look incredibly good and show what 10+ years ago was like in the world of Pixar and how ahead of time it was and still is, the colors, the attention to detail, the shadows, all of it is on full display here!

07-20-2010, 08:48 AM
I was just wondering what happen to the post, that had a list going about good blu-rays to show off.

The only thing I would like to see is a list of non animation ones, and before anyone tries to jump on me here is the reason:

animation is always on the top 5-10 list of every format that has come out since the Bata and VHS wars, and its obvious why. Heavily saturated colors, so IMHO I like to see a list of real life or CGI list of films that will blow your friends off the couch and send them to their local HiFi store and get on the bandwagon.

From my own experience it took a 32" 1080p VIZIO to get my parents (in their late 70's) on board. I help them get a year old 55" Mits (HD tuner built in) off a guy in Orange County, that was jumping on the flat screen craze 5 yrs ago and wanted to dump the Mits for $500. My dad had it setup with basic RF cable and no HD. About a year ago their bedroom TV died and dad ask me for advice about a new one. knowing my dad (El Cheapo supreme) I had to find something that he would be willing pry open his wallet for. The LCD was $399 at Costco, I had my sons buy them a new DVD player for it for Xmas and the first film I purchased for them to watch was Star Trek (Dad and Mom big Fans). Hooked it up via HDMI, Mouths fail open and silence filled the room as they watch. Once the movie was over, my Dad asked my about the Mits and we went down to the cable company and picked up a HD box for it. Now the bedroom doesn't have a HT sound setup, it was just the PQ that sold them.

07-21-2010, 08:37 PM
I re-watched TOY STORY tonight on Blu-ray, which again knocked me over with the superb sound as it did when I 1. first saw it in theaters in 1995 and 2. again when I picked up the DTS Laserdisc shortly thereafter.

However, the DVD releases NEVER sounded as good as the laser, certainly not the lame first attempt with a Dolby Digital 5.1 EX and even the slightly better DTS track that was later added on editions of the DVD. While the DTS was better than the Dolby from the previous edition(s), it still didn't have the thump that the DTS track on the laser did, but ....alas... the 12" laser is now completely obsolete as the Blu-ray delivers even better sound with a DTS-HD track that does outperform the laser and now with a 1080p transfer, the film looks like liquid and showcases the insanely rich art direction of the film.

So long 12" laser....you were good to me these last 13 years.

07-22-2010, 04:03 PM
The 12" laser is now completely obsolete as the Blu-ray delivers even better sound with a DTS-HD track that does outperform the laser.

Just think about this: what would have happened if videofiles followed the same scenario audiophiles did with vinyls. Videofiles still playing lasor discs and saying analog is superiour to DVD digital :)

07-22-2010, 06:16 PM
I watched the HD presentation of The Fifth Element on U-Verse last night. Even with compression it was fantastic...what a strong effort.

Smoke, no accusations...just a question...wasn't The Bourne Supremecy purposefully shot on grainy film stock for "artistic reasons"...does this translate well enough to HD to make it reference quality? I don't know, I haven't seen it.

What about the Master and Commander Blu disc?

07-22-2010, 07:26 PM
Smoke, no accusations...just a question...wasn't The Bourne Supremecy purposefully shot on grainy film stock for "artistic reasons"...does this translate well enough to HD to make it reference quality? I don't know, I haven't seen it.

May be somebody who seen it on bluray can chime in here since I haven't seen it either. But generally this movie seem to get more praise for its audio than video.

But Master and Commander I seen, and IMO the movie is over rated :)