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07-12-2010, 11:58 AM
Ya know, we all have those bands that just seem to fit so A-OK with who we are, better or worse, good times or bad, it's just in the genes (well, and maybe in the drugs along the way too, but a little numbness has always been part of the ride, if not the attraction).

Back in time, wouldn't be hard to find some words around here that make And the Surrounding Mountains sound pretty special, maybe they'd all be mine, but that's what I mean, sometimes music, especially in these large times, just isn't made for a large audience.

So back to a couple years ago in 2008, and yea, Radar Bros Auditorium. By all rights, this sound just shouldn't really work much beyond one CD, kinda slow moving layers upon layers of sound without much change in pace over the course of a CD (or two), I should probably need a little more than this by now to get the blood moving to the right places, but And the Surrounding Mountains remains unapologetically one of my alltime favorites, and this one is close behind - guess it's just one of those records that fits.

So, anyone heard the latest with his new bandmates?

I beg for you to fight
Strong currents in the night
Pomona forgives you

So swim to me all right
On Colorado time
Pomona forgives you