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04-05-2004, 10:47 AM
Thats this thread's destiny.

Anyway, thnx to FP for those two comps that arrived yesterday. While they aren't as twisted as the promised Debbie Boone/Tom Jones comp, they do hold promise. I listened to the first 6 cuts off the untitled one coming in to work today. I hardly ever say this, but crap, this stuff is right up mine alley! Jay Farrar, Kinky, The Singles, Dada, etc. ragged, yet melodic, hard yet soft, and a buncha other stuff that doesn't make sense.

Thnx, I don't even have a clue as to what to offer up in return. Maybe the Best Of The Worst Of Rave Recs that I just finished? (This was going to be a joint effort between BradH and I but hes busy downlading, via dial-up, the whole dang internet to CD-ROMs these days so I just used some of his suggestions.)

Thnx again and the music industry thnx you as well, I see multiple new purchases on the horizon.

Oh yea, for some added content to this post, I copied part of this cool 80's thread that appeared over at Microsoft Slate's board. Some pretty cool memories did this guy dredge up:

"Alas and lo, like me, Time and Tempo bleed. And I did say "what was *good* about the eighties musicwise." Shoot. Oh well, good enough. The eighties began with John Lennon's or Sid Vicious' death, or a brief breath of organic underground, and ended with Stevie Ray's or Freddie Mercury's or the Pink Torpedos' death, or with the birth of Nirvana, or the final commercialization or acceptance into the mainstream of the underground, ie its death...more or less. Somewhere in the cradle of the decade is the decline of Western Civilization, the closing of the Armadillo, the opening of the Ritz, the closing of Raul's, the opening of Studio 29, the closing of Duke's Royal Coach, the opening of Voltaire's, metaphors, a gradual filter, and then the Underground became just another bar on sixth street. Madison Avenue sells Rock n Roll. Did punk rock succeed in killing rock and roll? Mtv.

Kraftwerk Computer World, Gang of Four Entertainment, Dead Kennedy's Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables and In God We Trust, Circle Jerks Group Sex, X Los Angeles and Wild Gift and Black Sun and More Fun, Black Flag Damaged, Talking Heads Fear of Music and Remain in Light and the show that became the movie, David Byrne, Catherine Wheel, Elvis Imperial Bedroom, Clash London Calling, Big Boys / Dicks Live at Raul's, Dicks Kill From the Heart, Big Boys live shows, Butthole Surfers EP and PCPPEP and Locust Abortion Technician and Hairway to Steven, MDC MDC, Hickoids Corntamination, Rank and File Sundown, The Judy's Washarama, just the way Daniel Johnston did it and Eugene Chadbourne and Mojo Nixon and Frogs and Flaming Lips for that matter. Grandmaster Flash The Message, the impact of NWA and Public Enemy, Springsteen Nebraska, Joy Division Closer, Public Image Flowers of Romance, Psychedelic Furs Psychedelic Furs, The Cure Faith, Gary Numan & Tubeway Army Replicas, John Foxx Metamatic, and I cannot put anymore fey synthpop makeup bands here past the originals' originals although I can appreciate the glamour okay except New Order Blue Monday and OMD International, Cameo Flirt and Alligator Woman, Rick James Street Songs, Prince Dirty Mind and Controversy, Michael Jackson Thriller, Violent Femmes Violent Femmes, well over a hundred albums and the man gets one top 40 hit and that's perfect for Frank Zappa & Moon Unit Valley Girl, AC/DC Back in Black, Laurie Anderson O Superman, Grace Jones Warm Leatherette, Sade Diamond Life, Paul Simon Graceland, Joe Ely's live shows, what the hell happened to country western in the eighties, Red Hot Chili Peppers live shows, (Industrial, Sampling, House / Rave / Acid whatever the hell they call that sound, Hip Hop / Rap, Electronica...making use of borrowed sounds, no one gets credit, or everyone does), the one riff in Police Every Breath You Take, Eno's production and father of hippie f**k music or new age or ambient or aural wallpaper, Madonna wallowing around like a breakout soldout power whore onstage at the Mtv awards show doing Like a Virgin in a white lace wedding dress, Freddie Mercury and Queen at Live Aid, the ethereal Roy Orbison show I saw six months before he passed away, the Thompsons Shoot Out the Lights, Pogues If I Should Fall From Grace With God, Leonard Cohen I'm Your Man, Plastic Bertrand Ca Plane Pour Moi, King Sunny Ade Juju Music, Mutabaruka White Man's Got a God Complex, Afrika Bambaataa Planet Rock, Beastie Boys Licensed to Ill, Squeeze Tempted, Run DMC & Aerosmith Walk this Way, Gloria Estefan & MSM Conga and Rhythm Is Gonna Get You and Turn the Beat Around, Trouble Funk Drop the Bomb, Guns n Roses Sweet Child of Mine, Jane's Addiction Nothing Shocking, Jonathan Richman That Summer Feeling, George Clinton Atomic Dog, Soft Cell Tainted Love, Lipps Inc Funkytown, Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Iggy Wild Child, Julee Cruise Floating Into the Night, Travelling Wilburys Vol 1, REM Murmer, U2 Joshua Tree, Meat Puppets II and Up On the Sun and Out My Way, Minutemen Buzz or Howl and Double Nickels and Project Mersh and 3-Way Tie for Last. What about the eighties girls: Souixie and the Banshees, Cocteau Twins, Jesus and Mary Chain, Go-Go's, Bangles, Katrina and the Waves, the Pretenders (ok, I see the Pretenders, good call Bill), Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Kim Carnes, those chicks in the Robert Palmer videos, Bananarama, Prince's chicks, or Michelle Shocked, whose Short Sharp Shocked (was that it's name, or just something I remember from Pink Floyd?) or Nanci Griffith's Little Love Affairs (great album, but I mainly just want to bed down with any kindergarten teacher, ever since my major 5 year old crush on Miss Ivey) And even though Eraserhead was definitely late seventies, it was sometime in the early eighties when I took the beta tape and my vcr to Brownwood for Christmas. I know that many families gather round the tv at holiday-time and watch It's a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street and The Poseidan Adventure, but this one time I set up for about ten of us to watch Eraserhead. I don't think it even got to the dancing chicken scene before everyone had walked out, everyone except me and my now stripper/junkie little sister, who was like 12 at the time. I have no fear. I live by the river. When I get sad and lonely, when my ass shows like an orangutan, when I'm weary, down and out, well, the little blonde lady with the pinchable bulbous cheeks who lives in the radiator comes and sings to me....."

Thank God Almighty...Free At Last!