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Mr Peabody
06-09-2010, 07:40 PM
Tom Petty's new album Mo Jo will be released on Blu Ray audio only disc. It will contain 2-channel PCM and a DTS-MA 5.1 mix. This is the first one I heard of although Sir T has eluded to their existence. Any one know where we can get a list of these Blu albums? I also wonder what the cost will be, surely they won't sell for as much as a movie.

I'm sort of excited about the potential, on the other hand I will have to decide to listen to Blu audio on my HT set up or some day get a dedicated 2-channel player. I have to admit I like a well done 5.1 music mix better than I thought I would. It doesn't do the same for me as stereo but it has it's own place in my entertainment bag of tricks :)

Comrad Johnson was ahead of it's time with the MET-1 5-channel analog preamp.

06-19-2010, 06:11 PM
i have been jazzed about this release since i saw him on SNL doing stuff from this album. it certainly lives up to the promise.

i am tempted to get the vinyl, and it would really depend on the price for me to go to bluray. i do have a player so we will see..