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06-01-2010, 03:41 AM
I have pair of Tyler Ref Monitors on the way, and have heard they can be particular in terms of placement, any tips on finding the right spots? Thanks for any help!

12-21-2010, 05:12 PM
My Tyler Refs were on speaker stands at eye level (top of speakers), titled and toed in. It was about 10 inches in front of stone fireplace and 2 feet from side sheet rock walls. My couch is 12 feet from the speakers.

My wife and I are both 'tone deaf' (we cannot sing - carry a tune). So take my comment with a giant grain of salt: we both appreciated the Tyler Refs more than the bigger Vandersteen 1C. The Tylers were much smoother and less crisp. The Vandersteens are brighter and much louder.

harley .guy07
12-21-2010, 07:51 PM
I would say that you need to start about a foot from the back walls and at least a few form the side walls. It really at that point comes into trial and error in finding your personal sweet spot for these speakers. Stand mount speakers need some room behind them in some cases to see their full glory I would say start at a benchmark and go from there until the sound is want you are requiring form your system. There is no scientific equation for this because every speaker is different and every one will like certain distances that others would not. You have some good speakers I would say play with them and see what they can give you. Remember your room has a lot to do with how they will sound and any perceived notions about where to put them might be out the window when it comes to your particular room. Its not a bad thing you just need to find a spot where these jems feel good to you and your living space.