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11-24-2003, 10:16 AM
Saw hinm in a free lunch concert at Bills Records in Dallas last Friday. Free beer and free pizza too. So no way this is gonna be a bad review ;)

First time I've seen him since I got turned on to him last year. Accompanied himself on acoustic guitar. the set was a bout 8 songs in length, most were mid tempo, lush ballads that fort the most part the crowd (200?) was familiar with. Lots of talk between songs. Not chatting up the audience, just some real honest observations on what he and other less known musicians go thru promoting their albums. Said this free gig at Bills was a huge step up from the freebie at the Wal Mart in Lubbock last week. ( "....walked in with a guitar slung over my shoulder, the "greeter" didn't know anything about me playing, finally got back to womens lingerie where they had an area cleared out, people watched me like I was from another planet for awhile, then a nice crowd developed, actually sold about 25 CDs and got some nice applause, but what made the day for me was when a beat up cowboy looking dude came up to me and said hi, I'm James Jennings, Waylon Jenning's brother and I really liked you and I know Waylon would have too...).

Anyway, an excellent freebie, Ingram was in GREAT voice, those dusty, dry vocals on his albums come across perfect in concert, lending a dark edge to even the slowest of his ballads. His playing is first rate. Has a reputation as putting on exciting live concerts with his full band, Beat Up Ford, in tow. We'll try to catch him soon at a real gig. For now, we just bought his newest CD, heres a review from AMG:

Modern day outlaw Jack Ingram brought his Beat Up Ford band to Billy Bob's Texas earlier in 2003 and left with a burning, rowdy, unruly set on tape. For those who've never encountered Ingram and his band live, this document is as solid as it gets. It's rough, raw, and outta control. Included are 15 tracks, most of which are Ingram standards such as his signature tune, "Beat Up Ford," "Red, White & Blues," "Nothing to Gain," "Ghost of a Man," "She Don't Love You," and "Run to Me," of course. In addition, there are a few stellar covers included such as the Joe Maphis classic "Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (And Loud, Loud Music)" and a set-ending stunner in the form of Waylon Jennings' "Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way." Ingram's manner of relating to an audience has nothing to do with corny jokes, or self-styled anthems geared to get response from a drunken crowd. His delivery is honest, to the punch, and completely inside his lyrics. His writing, while far from elegant, nonetheless conveys the stories he sings with a rebel angel poet's grace. And what comes across here is the only thing that matters on any live recording, or any recording period: the transference of emotion from performer to listener, in spades

End of review, my opinion of the CD, damn good, even if he does country-fy it up a bit for the Billy Bobs crowd. regardless, if you want hot and rowdy, pick this up.

11-24-2003, 06:42 PM
End of review, my opinion of the CD, damn good, even if he does country-fy it up a bit for the Billy Bobs crowd. regardless, if you want hot and rowdy, pick this up.

Thanx, dld- I'll put this one on my wish list...........

11-26-2003, 10:57 PM
That Friday deal at Bill's is pretty cool, ain't it? I go over there as often as I can (which ain't as often as it sounds 'cause it's a pain gettin' over there ).