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Mr Peabody
05-17-2010, 06:48 PM
The new Godsmack album ROCKS!! With assaulting romps like Cryin' Like A *****, Devil's Swing and Good Day To Die. I like the whole album. If you liked Faceless you will probably like The Oracle but The Oracle is a bit different feel, the six string gets a good work out, the Devil's Swing throws in some harmonica to accent the groove, a couple songs have an older Godsmack flavor and the Oracle is an instrumental with Prog Metal feel. There's a special edition available with 30 minute DVD, not sure what's on the DVD. I didn't realize this was out until I had already bought the CD.

Finding some info on Godsmack I didn't realize Cryin' Like A ***** was the band's 15 top 5 single and they have a total of 18 top 10. I'm assuming this is some Rock chart because I don't think I Stand Alone ever followed Brittany Spears on the Teeny charts.

The Oracle is a scorching shot of adrenalin.

05-17-2010, 07:21 PM
you just had to post over my post haha jk jk ... and sounds like I will give it a listen thanks for the heads up