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05-05-2010, 09:31 PM
Hey everyone,

Here is my review of the Grado Blue (

I would actually give the overall rating a 3.9, but I that is not an option.


05-08-2010, 06:39 AM
Hey Enochrome,

Thanks for your review and I enjoyed reading it.
It's been about 5 years since my last Grado cart. Your review really took me back, and it was almost like hearing the cart all over again.

My impression was that Grado has soooooooo much potential and it's truly unfortunate that it didn't work out in my previous system. If I rememeber correctly, there is a guy name "ChairGuy" or "TheChairGuy" from Audio Circle and he had great results from DIY Longhorn modification to his Grado cart. Perhaps this is something you may want to try. Maybe JohnMichael can chime in, but he had success with a Grado on a modded RB-250. I believe Grado's full potential can be heard if you care to mess with it.

Thanks again,

05-08-2010, 05:37 PM
Thanks for reading the review and I'm glad you liked it. I'm going to find those posts and look at those mods. I think the mod part of audio is one of the aspects of this "lifestyle" that I like, when the cash allows it ;) Grado's are definitely a cart that you have to find a "sweet tweak" with your personal gear, it will be different for everyone.

06-05-2010, 09:52 AM
i am suggesting that the better the arm used, the less likely you have to exceed the 1.5gr vtf setting. i have owned grados including the f1+ (equiv to the silver) and the fte+1 (equiv to the black) and not needed to exceed the 1.5 level using a grace 707 arm or the rabvco st4 tt/arm.

i found the f1+ to be a fantastic tracker and very musical. i sold the st4 and f1+ on the basis of the buyer's (a musician) delight in the sound of the wood on guitar.

i havent had a grado in years but would enjoy an oportunity except i have numerous others (grace f9e, stanton 881s, atOC9II, all waiting to be mounted) already mounted and ready to swap out at will.

with the grace arm, i experienced the spectacular "grado dance" which i quickly remedied by adding a 1 gram weight to the headshell. i wish i had taken a video of that.

06-06-2010, 12:04 PM
I had the Grado on my Luxman PD 272 during the review, but I recently switched it to my Dual 505-3 and now it sounds even better. I got my OM-20 working again so, that was the reason for the switch: I knew the OM-20 would be a better match for the Luxman (no hum issues. I have it at 1.75 vtf and it sounds so good that I think this is the magic spot for this set up. I also think that the Grado tracks like a champ and that it's signature midrange musical quality is my favorite aspect. I just played on old acoustic blues album (Terry and McGhee) and the presence and acoustics of the instruments were amazing.

Good to see a local So Cal Hifi disciple on the forum. Wait isn't the Pasadena City College record swap today?!? Ohhh my bank account!!!

06-06-2010, 12:32 PM
about the pasa swap. i have about 6k LPs anyway but i get to places like freak beat on ventura, cd trader further o9ut on ventura, record surplus, rockaway, penny lane, poo bah, etc.

have you entertained the idea of attending the LA/OC audio society meetings?

weinhart design this month. in addition to the meetings, you get to make some good friends.

06-06-2010, 12:53 PM
As JRA mentioned I had the most success with a Grado cartridge once I had the Michell Technoweight counterweight on the RB250. Using that combination of arm and counterweight the Grado Red could really track a groove. It was the first time I was able to hear some of that Grado magic without any distortion from mistracking.