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04-28-2010, 03:30 AM
I have a HIFI system: ( Harman Kardon HK3480 Stereo Receiver) ( a pair of Infinity Alpha 50 Speakers ) ( Marantz CD 5003 CD player ). Amplifier
I had YAMAHA CDX-496 CD player, which I recently replaced it with ( Marantz CD 5003 ). There is a ( Low Pass Filter ) build in this Marantz.
As per my information about ( low Pass Filter ) that this kind of filters will allows only the low frequencies through and will block the high frequencies. In another word ( it will let low frequencies pass but boost or cut the high ones ). And it relevant to (subwoofer) only or say mostly, so this filter should work with subwoofer.
May question is : I donít have subwoofer, Iíve only a pair of floor stand big speakers, so does this Filter will affect my 4 ways speakers ( 1- Tweeter 1" / 1 -Midrange 5.25" / 2 -woofers 8" ) ? And if it does, in which manner ?
Iím already feeling that the low bass frequencies are too high, and not happy for this. Iím a soundtrack collector I donít need too much low bass, I love the Midrange frequencies.
Is it true that this filter is affected my speakers already , our itís just what I feel/assume that it does, and that could be because I red that there is this filter in my CD player ?!!!
Thanking to all how my help me to understand whatís going with my speakers or maybe with my mind, and guide me whither I have to buy a new CD player without this kind of Filters build with, or I donít have to do that ?

Mr Peabody
04-28-2010, 05:36 AM
I suspect any filter would only come into effect if using the multichannel analog output. With stereo it shouldn't make any difference or even be in the path. If you are using multichannel, it doesn't sound like that's your case because only SACD would offer multichannel, the crossover should be adjustable for the multichannel sub output.

You are most likely experiencing the difference in sound between the two CD players. I personally hear sort of a murky character to Marantz in the lower region and that may be what you are hearing as well. You can try a different speaker placement or adjusting tone controls but if that doesn't help your best bet may be to get a different brand player, if that's an option.

04-28-2010, 07:49 AM
Do you have the player in Audio Ex mode?

04-28-2010, 08:16 AM
Marantz CDP's are known for their warmer sound. Some find the low frequencies to be murky or less tight sounding. It gets better as you move to the higher end Marantz models. I owned a Marantz SA8001 and sold it for the same reason. In addition, that Harmon amp is known for its warmer sound so there may not be good synergy with the Marantz. Make sure you don't have a bass boost or loudness button engaged on your amp if it has one. Also, consider changing your interconnects. makes low capacitance IC's for $30pr that I have found to tighten up the bass and improve the high frequencies. They are a lot of bang for the buck, don't let the price fool you. What IC's and speaker cable are you using? This would be a relatively inexpensive thing to try.

If things don't improve consider buying the emotiva ERC-1 CD player. Its a real bargain and beats out players costing hundreds more. There are a few people here that love them. It should match well with your HK amp. It is supposed to have a very detailed sound with no bloated bass. A few other CDP's to look at would be a used Music Hall 25.2 CDP (has a very open, airy detailed sound), used Cambridge Audio 640c or the new Oppo BD-83 Universal Blu Ray player that is a good CD player, better SACD and probably the best Blu Ray player on the market.

I hope this helps some.

04-28-2010, 08:29 PM
Thank you very much
As you said ( You are most likely experiencing the difference in sound between the two CD players ) now a days I feel loudness of Low bass F. a bit less.
But still feeling that the Midrange F. are a bit softer than before, and I can hear them clearly and loudly as before.
The Midrange frequencies what I aim to hear form my speakers ( as they does before ) the soundtrack music is like Classic, there are a lot of violins and other instrumental which basically produced by the ( Tweeter and Midrange Cones ).
Is there is any thing to be done to have a very good Midrange frequencies.

Thanking you

Mr Peabody
04-29-2010, 05:34 AM
As Blackraven mentioned you could try better cables. You didn't mention what cables you currently use. Not much else to do in order to increase sound quality except upgrade something. Also, one thing I noted when I first tried the Bluejeans cable was the very good midrange.

Was the midrange better with the Yamaha? I have to admit when putting together a budget system for my daughter I bought a Yamaha CD player over Denon or Onkyo because of the nicer midrange. It could be that the 5003 is just not enough of an improvement. If you cannot sell or send back the 5003 you might look into adding an external DAC at some point. If you like more of a lush warm string sound maybe try a tube DAC. Shanling also has a solid state DAC available now that sounds pretty good.

One other thing to possibly consider is an amp with more resolution. Harmon Kardon receivers are pretty good, especially if you have an old one before home theater but they can be improved on. Upgrading the amp could be an expensive move though. You'll need one with power and current to drive the Infinity.

05-01-2010, 09:53 PM
I’m using Norstone ( Classic CL150 15 m )
(Resistance: 0.013 Ω )( Conductor section: 2 x 0.1 in≤ / 2 x 1.5 mm≤ )
I can see at there sit that they are recommending these cable for ( Small small floorstanders, bookshelves and surround speakers ).
I purchased these cable for two reason no opportunity to by other ( Nor proficient shops in my country ) secondly recommended by the the shopper which purchased the from. If I would was knew that this cable is not recommended by the manufacture for big floorstanders speaks I was not purchased them sourly.
The distance between my speakers is about 2.5 Meters, which cables I should use. And what should be the gauge rate ? 10 to 12 gauge I thin will be OK. More thicker much better. I can order form internet.
Sorry, I my ask for RAC ( CD player to Amplifier ) cable as will, there could be a really problem their. I tried Moister and other, I’m not happy with branded one, now I’m using a very cheap quality cable, but fro my ear it better for those branded one !
Thanking you a lot
Mohammed Hussain

05-02-2010, 05:28 AM
10-12g speaker cable is great, no problems there.