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04-26-2010, 12:37 PM
Hi all, I have a pair of mid range speakers, which were put together 10 or 20 years ago I think by a man who owned a music shop.
He replaced the cabinets and added a Motorola tweeter to each one.
I recently wanted to know what kind of specifications the speakers had, so that I could use them, knowing their limits and not damaging them.
After removing the driver from the cab of one of the speakers, i found the following details stamped on it:
T208 [Large black print on the back of the driver]
T2089 [On part of the metal side of the driver]
L616V [Near to the previous part of writing]
and also BB1 in a circle about 15mm in diameter stamped on a different part of the metal on the side of the driver.
My dad who bought these originally from the chap at the music shop reckonned that they were 150 watts each (I'm unsure as to whether he is correct or not). Each driver measures 30cm in diameter.

I would like to know the wattage of them, and i had a theory for finding this out which i would like to have an informed opinion on: If i put a 0db signal through a comparitively large amplifier (I am currently saving for something imbetween 1-4Kw, I'm not sure what to go for as I want to keep in the mind of increasing my system in the future), into my speakers, starting at no volume, then slowly increasing until just before distortion kicks in (using the kind of music i would be playing most of the time) then looking at the fraction of the volume dial on the amplifier being used and then using division of the max power output of the amp to figure out the max input to my two speakers. Would this be a decent representation of the max power my speakers could take?

To sum up: Any ideas what my drivers might be, and also, would my theory for measuring speaker capacity work well? Some advice on amp size for the future might be handy too, I'm wanting to use my equipment for fairly large parties (as my system grows, so to does the size of the party, well thats the plan anway...).