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04-20-2010, 08:20 PM
hey new to the board. I joined hoping to get some answers for a few questons I have!

basically what im trying to do is run VGA signal over Cat5 to multiple tv screens. Now...I am currently doing this using Key Digital products. A key digital splitter ... so

PC--- > vga cable --- > splitter --- > cat5 cable to 4 screens --- > reciever at end of cat5 cable --- > vga cable from reciever to screen

this current method is working perfectly. Before I was using Key Digital, I was using StarTech products, running the same system at the same screens, however after a few hours of running the screens would stop working. I was told that this was due to StarTech products not being very reliable, or able to carry the signal far enough. They claim up to 1000 ft, but this was maxium 150ft away and it stopped working.

since we have switched to the Key Digital, there have been NO issues what so ever.

now im looking to do the same system again, however I remember the key digital products being quite expensive. Almost 3x the ammount of the StarTech ones if my memory is correct (been over a year though so could be wrong)

my question is: what other products are out there for doing this? And are they more affordable then the Key Digital ones?? Obviously id pay more for a product that works, but just wondering if anyone knows of anything like these products that are very reliable, but more cost effective?

Any help is appreciated!