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04-10-2010, 07:03 PM
OK folks. I'm replacing my old Yamaha A/V Receiver HTR-5140 with the HTR-6240 better known as the RX-V465.
As I begin to read the instructions for the 10th time, I'm lost. All I want to do is connect it to a plain Sony DVD Player, just 3 speakers and a Powered Subwoofer. They are 2 RTR Floor speakers, a BIC Center Speaker and an RTR Powered Subwoofer that is currently plugged into the "Subwoofer Jack" of my 5140. I do have a JVC VHS Recorder/Player which I only use maybe twice a year, if I come along something that is old and not on DVD.
I'm forgetting the most important part. I have a 40" Sharp Aquos "LC-40E67UN" HDTV. It's about a year old. I have AT&T Uverse with the DVR they provide. Everything runs through my old Yamaha Receiver. It's got nothing but several cables connected to it. The Sharp has 4 HDMI Inputs. It also has Digital Audio Inputs.

Is there a simple way to connect all these. I'm smart enough to connect my speakers. Do I need an "HDMI Input" cable or can I use the "Digital Media Input" However, do I only need one HDMI Cable since the TV is Digital. My DVD Player is about 3 years old and has "Progressive Scan". Does that mean it is "Digital"?
What is the difference between "HDMI", "Digital Inputs" and the "S Video Input" which I hear is not used much anymore.
And why when I first turn on the Sharp, up in the corner it shows "720 P" and not 1080 P.
Is it the UVerse DVR? Sorry to be so long winded in this question.
Any help would be appreciated. I hope I posted this in the right Forum.
Thanks, Ptfitzy