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04-02-2010, 01:23 AM
:smile5: Hi Fellow Members..
I hope some of you..maybe able to advice me and suggest a few products for me to consider?

I have a 100% PC Based system::Laptop--->Musicstreamer II+--->Audioengine A5 Actives----> Little Dot Tube Amp----> Beyer 990Dt Phones

Three of the above have mains am looking for good Mains cables &Hub/Power Strip ]I do not wish to spend great amounts but something which I can plug all three items in to...

I am hoping just to get away with normal Power Cables...into HUB~Power strip and then to mains wall outlet...I hear good things about the PS Audio Power Juice Bar II Power Strip but if there are others to consider please let me know?

I really am a novice when it comes to please keep it simple:thumbsup: I am just looking for the best cost effective method in a neat package for helping things along a wise!

Do these power strips?Hubs need a special cable from the Hub to the wall socket?
I live in Norway which is 230volt and I think you call the plugs Shucko?

many thanks in advance



04-12-2010, 02:28 AM