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03-29-2010, 07:47 AM
I borrowed this CD from my niece because I kind of like that Fireflies song and I was curious about the rest of it.

Owl City is actually just one guy who recorded the music on his computer. I was really expecting to not like this, but the truth is that the music isnít half badÖitís lighthearted and fun. The lyrics are silly. I can see why my 14-yr-old niece likes it.

This CD sounds like Death Cab for Cutie gone electronica. The vocals sound a lot like Ben Gibbard with effects. I donít see this disk on regular rotation for me, but now that itís on my iPod I can see playing it (or portions of it) when Iím looking for something upbeat and fun, like at the gym or cleaning the house. Itís a nice little disk of toe tapping tunes.