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03-25-2010, 05:07 AM
Hi everyone,

I am looking for a "budget system" for the living room (16 x 12) of a small apartment. Front speakers will be at one end of the 16ft dimensions.My goals are to have a decent (within budget) system to watch HD content and listen to music (maybe more on the music than the movies). Because of budget and room size I cant go too big, so I am looking for smallish speakers, but I think I can handle some bigger bookshelves for the front that I would be able to put on stands...but it will be a little awkward for the backs.

I am new to all of this, but I figured if I came up with a couple scenarios, I might get some more focused feedback. I am still open to all sorts of suggestions, and I dont mind being educated in the process.


Right now I am looking at these two setups (btw, they both allow me to do a 30 day trial).

Setup # 1 - $1,098.00
Orb Audio's People's Choice speaker system
* double Orbs (Mod2) for all front speakers and single Orbs (Mod1) for all rear speakers.
* Super Eight Custom Long Throw Subwoofer

Setup # 2 - $980
* Aperion Intimus 4B Satellite Speaker - $130.00ea
* Intimus 4C Center Channel Speaker - $160.00ea.
* Hsu Research - STF-1 Subwoofer - Regularly:$299.00

RECEIVER (these two are not shipping yet, but figured to future proof with the whole hdmi 1.4). I am open to other ideas that will work best with the speaker packages above and the source equipment being connected to them below.

Receiver # 1 - Onkyo TX-SR508 - $499.00 (if it ships soon)
Receiver # 2 - pioneer - VSX-820-K - $299 (if it ships soon)
* AS-BT100 Bluetooth Adapter - $99.00 (stream music from computer or iphone)

Sources to be connected:
* PS3 (for gaming, netflix, streaming of music/video content)
* Nintendo Wii
* PROJECTOR - Optimo 720p projector (until I upgrade to 1080p projector and/or TV)
* regular tv
* Popbox or Boxee device
* Streaming music from Computer/iphone (not sure how yet, but the pioneer has a bluetooth device to support this; PS3 might be able to act as a bridge to the receiver.)

Note: I hope to stream more content from the PS3, but am trying to figure out how to connect my existing iMac 24in 2.8 ghz Core 2 Duo (7,1 identifier) to deliver other music / video content. Not sure yet whether this should/can be done direct to receiver, or through PS3 to receiver, and then out to speakers and projector. Also not sure how I can do this wired or wirelessly, and if I am gaining or losing anything in terms of "quality" or convienence/cost by choosing one over the other.

One note about neighbors...I live in a place with a lot of college students who practice their trade in the building...music. As well as right by a highway and street filled with clubs and live band venues. I am not so worried about disturbing the neighbors beyond what is already a fairly noisy environment... we are all used to it.

03-26-2010, 11:02 AM

audio amateur
03-26-2010, 12:05 PM
I think you're on the right track for what you're looking for. However, I don't believe members here have any experience with Aperion or Orb, which is probably why there hasn't been much (any) input. If you wait a little, I'm sure some will chip in and give you some advice:)

03-26-2010, 01:17 PM
Here are some other options- http://saturdayaudio.com/picturepages/image_specials_march.htm

A pair of PSB B25's for the front,
B15's for the rear (you could probably substitute the Alpha LR1's for the rears, they are much smaller)
C40 or C60 for the Center
And that HSU sub or a Mirage S8 sub.


check out th new gear section at saturday audio for these.

A pair of PSB Alpha B1's for the front
PSB Alpha LR1's for the rear
PSB Alpha C1 for the center
HSU or Mirage S8 or Prestige sub.

Check out these reviews on the PSB's




And I would look at the Onkyo TX Sr608 you can buy it online for $499 the same as your 508.

http://www.jr.com/onkyo/pe/ONK_TXSR608/ You have to pre order it. I found it online for as low as $449.

03-26-2010, 04:40 PM
I had never heard of Orb before your post time2zone. Checked out their website and ehhhhhhhh. Sure they look cool and i like the metal casing but how much sound could those things possibly spit out? If you are going to play them in a loud environment i'm not convinced they'll be up to the task. They'd suit a restaurant or lounge better than they would a home stereo/theater. Not to mention they aren't all that cheaply priced.

As far as the Aperions go, i've never heard a pair before but they seem to get decent reviews and would appear to give you more for your dollar than the Orb's.

So out of those 2 options the Aperions get my clear vote but hell since they have a 30 day trial you may as well give both a shot.

Give blackraven's suggestion some thought. I have always liked PSB's and recommend most of their product line. I'd go with them before the Aperion or Orb.

04-05-2010, 06:26 PM
Hi all,

After further insight and feedback from various sources, I think I am currently going with a HSU Research package of speakers and subwoffer:

I just wanted to check in again and see if anyone had any thoughts of the new direction. The reviews I have seen are good, I am a fan of MIT engineering (bose aside, since they cater to a different type of audience with their products) and have had personal recommendations from users who listen to the same music I do.

I plan to pair this system with the Onkyo 608 coming out in a week or so.

What do you all think?


04-05-2010, 09:36 PM
I'm not a fan of horns but that HSU system is supposed to be nice. I would rather have the PSB's though from a dedicated speaker company that has gotten very good reviews.. I'm sure you will enjoy the HSU's though. Good choice.