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03-24-2010, 05:36 PM
Here's the "Dowdy Llama's" GM 70 which is the finest sounding amp I could ever hope to hear. Heard it last year at Hornfest 09 and will hear it next month at Hornfest 10. It was a near religious experience for me when the GM 70 parted the heavens. This monster amp costs over $30K and will heat your house in winter.

I know I'm a little smitten with Open Baffles right now but it's interesting that Dowdy chose OB speakers to showcase his masterpiece. Of course the WE754 drivers in those OBs are highly sought after and in a class by themselves.

03-25-2010, 03:59 AM
Please keep posting about OB and whatever interests you. I am all for enthusiasm, especially for a refreshing topic. Eventually, I will have the experience of arriving at the mountain, where Moses will come down and hand me a pair of OB speakers.

It's hard to appreciate any audio when Youtube is involved, but I did get a sense of the acoustics. The depth and openness is audible. BTW, I love that design for the enclosure.

03-25-2010, 11:54 AM
Hey chubby,

I know the GM70's creator and his amp customers include the rich and famous from all over the world. As far his speaker choices he seems totally into full range drivers and OB. The 3 chassis GM70 weighs in at over 100 lbs and makes all of about 12 wpc. But those 12 watts are way beyond amazing. The GM70 gets its name from those huge and costly tubes.

I heard a pair of back loaded horns in the vise grip of the GM70 at HF 09 and one guy at the back of the room exclaimed, "damn if that amp ain't making love to those horns". He was right as the sound was pure unadulterated audio sex.

You'll be shocked to see the prices those antique Western Electric 754's bring on eBay.