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03-05-2010, 12:11 PM
Hi folks

Initially I was choosing between an Arcam AV 350 and a Cambridge Audio 650r. About 50% of my use will be for video and 50% for audio. After much research and some good advice from users here on another post, I'm leaning towards the Cambridge unit given it's video capabilities. I'm giving up a little in sound when using it for cd's but making up for it when using it in a video setting.

It was suggested to me yesterday to consider the NAD T765 if I'm leaning towards the Cambridge unit.

I'd appreciate comments from those familiar with these units on the strengths/weaknesses of each unit.

Many thanks!

04-28-2010, 08:55 PM
I am very new to AV.and surround sound in general. That means I means I have never owned an AV receiver much less surround sound.
In fact I still have and for stereo audio prefer the 30 plus stereo TECHNICS integrated amplifier and Bose 501 speakers which I bought as a young student in Germany, second hand from a dentist who more money than sense to buy the latest and greatest.
Anyway our 10 year old CRT TV started failing a second time and so as an alternative to repairing it again we bought a large Samsung LED TV.
That's where I should have stopped.
But instead we thought about going the whole way and experiencing surround sound at home which of course, my 30 year old stereo amplifier couldn't handle.
We purchased and then compared the sound produced by a Marrantz SR6004 receiver at home with the same stereo speakers. We didn't yet at that time have any surround speakers but had ordered and were waiting for a 5.1 Mod2 Orb speaker package.
We returned the Marrantz almost immediately because the (stereo) sound produced couldn't touch my 30 year old amplifier.
We were then persuaded by another retailer and after a blind side by side test, convinced that the Cambridge Audio 650R would come close, very close to satisfying the audio (stereo) sound we had come to love. So we purchased it.
BUT that was over an analogue connection and big stereo speakers, Tannoy or Bose 501s. I am new to all things digital but knew that an AV receiver is a compromise between audio and video.
However since our Orb speakers arrive arrived I cannot express my disappointment with the 650R. There is nothing wrong with the Orb satellite or sub speakers. If I could give them a good listen, think they will be great value for money and deliver the sound we like.

BUT after only a couple of days the sub which is otherwise working fine doesn't work with the 650R and there is a very annoying audio off and on clicking sound between each track over an HDMI connection.
I realise that we could listen to audio over an analogue connection but the off and on clicking noises also occur when watching (video) and changing TV channels on a PVR whereas the noises do not occur over the same HDMI connection when the PVR is connected directly to the TV.

Furthermore I wanted to reserve the only analogue out on the 650BD player which we also bought, so we could listen to audio CDs via our older amplifier and stereo speakers.

We have been since told that these off and on noises which sometime cause up to 30 seconds of the next track to be missed is the DSP locking off and on and this is likely to be a software problem with the 650R.

So my question(s) if anyone can answer them are:

Is this behaviour between audio tracks normal over an HDMI connection; and if so
What self respecting audiophile would find this acceptable?;
What good is HDMI if you can't also listen to audio (even if analogue is still better);
Is the software likely to be possible explanation; and
How can a new product be released with such acclaim but out of the box have this problem?

04-28-2010, 10:22 PM
Return the 650r or get the software update. You should not have to put up with that nonsense. What are your expectations of the orb speakers for music? I wouldn't expect too much. They are what they are. Small satellite speakers with a sub, compact for HT use. You are not going to get great audio sound for music.