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02-25-2010, 04:05 AM
:smile5: Hello To you All..

I had not intended asking for advice regarding Headphone Amp/Dacs,As I had sort of..given up the thought..and was concentrating on the possibility of Active Speakers for my Dell Studio 17 Laptop?..I have decided to wait a while for the Speakers until I have a bit more feedback on the Bx5a & the A5s Possibly a small passive set up? I have lots of time to get it right,hopefully

Ok I know a little,very little.... more about the Headphone amps having being adviced to look at several over on the Head-Fi forum..but more imput from you guys will not hurt one little bit!I hear & read good reports on the IBasso range,also the NU-Force,I am not wishing to spend a lot but something that is value for your bucks,pound,Euro`s e.t.c.

I have just purchased a pair of Grado 60 is and am very happy to..received a lot of good feed back on these phones..

I would be very obliged for some suggestions as to the leading contenders in the small Amp/Dac field..if I can use it from my Laptop to that would be great

jason @Nu~Force was trying very hard to advice me..but I got totally confused Nu-Force ICON or UDAC? if I did go with Nu-force? which is the one I require for the above set up?

I will look forward with great interest to hearing from you

all the best Steve:2:

03-02-2010, 07:57 PM
The 60's aren't hard to drive and therefore don't need an amp. However, it may be a good idea when using it on your laptop because you almost certainly have an integrated sound card.

To get around using the soundcard, I would suggest an amp/dac combo that is both portable and able to connect to your laptop via a usb drive. Your options are rather limited especially if you aren't looking to spend more than $200. In my opinion I'd go with the Headroom TotalBithead as it is an amp/dac combo, portable (can use batteries) and has the ability to connect to a computer and bybass the soundcard via usb.
You can check out a consensus review of it at http://www.best-headphone-review.com. I hope this helps:3:

03-03-2010, 12:39 AM
hello There from Norway...:14:
Must thank you very much indeed for the really good imfo and advcie ..I had not even realised there was a consensus review which I have just read..brilliant.

Ok this is the state of play as I write.
Source = Laptop Dell Studio 32 bit +Sansa Fuse 8gb MP3+Grado 60 i

Hopefully Audioengine A5s on there way very soon?

I was looking at the Nu-Force UDAC until you suggested the Bit Head
The UDAC also comes with glowing reviews? and I have asked Jason @Nu force to source me a "B"Grade Model which he is trying to do.But if the Bit-Headis better in more ways that the UDAC the Bit Head gets the Vote!

So if you could help a little bit more I would be very obliged to you and anyone else..I do not intend to travel to much with laptop maybe the MP3 & Amp/Dac? but not that often..I would still prefer though a small Portable Amo/Dac(rather than a desktop-home version)

so I will look forward very much indeed to hearing further many thanks
Regards Steve:biggrin5:

03-03-2010, 10:39 AM
The UDAC is a fairly new product and I hesitate to reccommend new products. I'm not sure what DAC the NUforce model uses either so it makes me even more unsure. What reviews I have seen were positive, but like I said, it's early and the "sample space"(pardon my scientific nature) is small.

Bottomline: The Bithead will do everything you need it to do and do it well, with the upside of it being a proven product. The gain switch on it makes it viable for future upgrades to more demanding headphones should you move up from the grado 60's later on too.

03-03-2010, 11:11 AM
Hello Again

I really apprecite the honest reply..much obliged to you for that..I do fully understand..if there were not such a big difference in the prices of the two items, I would probably take your advie and go for the bithead..unless someone knows where I could pick up one second hand or "B" Grade? that would be superb...

With regard to the A5s?The Bit head---- will help there as some kind of pre amp am i correct in thinking this??

look forward to hearing more
regrds Steve

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