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02-23-2010, 04:51 AM
Watching this RUSH DVD last night and especially enjoying the cover songs.
The explanation is a few songs that impressed them while growing up in rock bands, the very best of which, IMHO, is Summertime Blues done a la Blue Cheer.

Who here is old enough to remember rocking out to Blue Cheer ?

They were an awesome power trio so, this version is perfect for RUSH to cover..........and they do a tremendous job of it.

The PCM stereo audio is superior to the 5.1 on this disc, BTW, for those of you that can enjoy either.

Finch Platte
02-23-2010, 08:53 AM
I found discs 3 & 4 in teh cutout bins, which for me is perfect. I don't like Rush (like I used to), but it has 2112 and some other songs I haven't heard for a while, and it sounds pretty good, considering Rush's live stuff has sounded like caca in the past.

Noiw what was the question again? :Yawn:

02-23-2010, 09:16 AM
I listened to Blue Cheer, but not 'til the 80s when I was a teen working nights as a stocker at a grocery store. Store was closed at night. One of my older co-workers would bring his Blue Cheer cassettes to work for the boombox. It wasn't long before I had my own Blue Cheer tape. Haven't listened to them in ages, but I'm "in the know" when the rare reference comes up.