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02-13-2010, 03:28 PM
Man oh man, rarely if ever have I been more disappointed in a movie. This film wasn't so much as bad as boring! So much promise squandered so badly.

1. Plot/ Script: The premise was great. They made enough changes in the original to make the plot much more intruiging. The script was average, no Tarantino like dialogue to keep one keep one hanging on every word. But it didn't need to.

2. Casting/acting: On paper, first rate, in practice eh.. Benicio del Toro was flat out awful. A completely wooden performance where his every line was delivered with the conviction of a statue. Hopkins was Hopkins, smiling with menace and dripping with malevolence. The rest... eh.

3. Visuals: Outstanding but nothing new. We've seen better transformations in "The Howling" and AWIL. London, what you saw of it, was alright but not on par with Sherlock Holmes which I must admit I enjoyed more.

4. SoundL Absolutely first rate, great separation and the really gave all the speakers a good work out, cept the center in our theatre was frying like bacon when pushed.

Overall Rating: C - Not terrible but so much less than the original. You felt nothing for Lawrence Talbot and in the end all you wanted was to hit the bathroom. What it could've been. Save your sheckles, rent the BluRay.


PS If guttings, disembowelings, beheadings and alike are you thing, you'll have a great time. No sex, little romance, no suspence pheh!!! Watch the Olympics instead.