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02-08-2010, 02:28 PM
Hey everybody,

I'm in the market for a 2 channel speaker system for my study office. I've been thinking about doing something nice and compact like the Athena LS-50 ( I could add a small sub like the $100 Energy sub being sold at Costco to round things off. However, as I was perusing my local Craigslist, I noticed someone was selling some PSB Century 300i speakers for $75. They seem to be in good shape, although I haven't gone to check them out yet. The PSBs would take up a lot more desk space, although I could still fit them in reasonably well, or just get some stands. I've always wanted to try some PSB speakers, and although the 300i is from the mid/late 90's, they might be worth a look.

Does anybody have any experience with the PSB Century 300i's? Or the little Athenas for that matter? I'm thinking about getting a nice compact T-amp to power whichever I choose, as they seem to be fairly well regarded, cost little, and won't take up much desk space. Anyway, just another project to waste time on. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

02-09-2010, 02:44 AM
I have no experience with PSB speakers but I saw a picture of the 300i and they are nice bookshelf speakers! They look nice but I don't know how the sound!

02-10-2010, 10:07 PM
So nobody's heard the PSB Century 300i's? Not too surprising, really. They are over 10 years old.

02-10-2010, 10:16 PM
I don't know many, doesn't matter if they are old or not! If they are good people will know them!

08-26-2010, 03:56 AM
So nobody's heard the PSB Century 300i's? Not too surprising, really. They are over 10 years old.

I bought these speakers in the late 90's and they are still by far the best speakers I have ever owned. I think I paid around $300 for them and they sound as good today as the day I first hooked them up. If you ever can get your hands on a pair, I would strongly recommend them!!

08-26-2010, 04:13 AM
I have a pair of Athena AS-06 indoor outdoor speakers that are very good sounding so I would venture to say that if driven with the right gear, their normal indoor speakers will sound just fine.