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02-07-2010, 05:45 PM
Hi there

I am currently kitting out a holiday let with TVs, sound system, etc.

I ordered a number of items from a local retailer which included installation, etc. at an agreed price (which I haggled over a bit, so an OK deal, I thought).

In the main living area we've gone for a Panasonic Viera Plasma TV (TX-P42G10B) with bracket, a Bose Home Entertainment System (321GSMK-3) and a Denon iPod docking station (ASD11R-BLK).

When they confirmed everything with us and sent the credit card receipt, I found they'd changed the agreed docking station to an Apple MB125G (apparently I should have been told this but wasn't). Not knowing much about this, I looked it up and found it was significantly cheaper than the Denon and, perhaps more importantly, is white (when everything else we've ordered is black).

I phoned them up, said I wasn't happy with a white docking station and asked why I wasn't getting the one that was in the original proposal. Their argument was that the iPod docking station was controllable by the Bose control (which I suppose would be an advantage) and that they weren't making the money on the deal that they should so needed to change from the original (not really excusable IMO but these people are local and would be able to service the equipment should any problems arise so I don't especially want to fall out).

Anyway... I pointed out that I really needed something that was at least black. They have come back and are now proposing a Cygnett UNISON. Again, this is cheaper but at least black.

My question is... is this any good? Are there any black docking stations out there that would be controllable by the Bose remote? It would make sense, I think, to have as few controls as possible.

Thanks for any help....


02-07-2010, 06:46 PM
I would insist on the Denon. They low balled you and changed the deal. If they won't comply, then return every thing.

Good Luck!

02-08-2010, 01:04 AM
In essence, I agree with you and I'm pretty annoyed about it.

However, it's a local company and one of the few companies that could probably help me out if one week there was a fault with something or something got broken (which I would need to sort out pretty quickly for the next guests) so I don't especially want to fall out with them.

Apparently the Denon wouldn't be controllable by the same remote either. I think the ideal would be to have something that the Bose remote would control. The only one I'm aware of is an Apple one but that is white and everything else is black.

I have no idea how I would find out if there is a compatible black docking station...